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  1. I installed Beta 3 Froyo onto the My Storage of the phone and finally got it all starting up ok. I am having trouble adding a google account for syncing. I am getting the message "Can't establish a reliable data connection to the server". I have tried connecting via WiFi and 3G. I found an earlier posting with an o2b3update.tar.gz update file that may fix this. I applied it but it hasn't helped. I also saw a posting saying to register with youtube app. I did this and I was finally able to connect to youtube account but I still cant sync to main google account. If I go to settings I see my youtube account listed but it says Sync is Off underneath. Any suggestions on how to sync my main google account?
  2. Furthermore I think that at the software level, there is probably a way to distinguish between a press and hold of a hardware button from a quick press. In the Galaxy S there is no dedicated Search button but pressing and holding the Menu button activates the search function. Obviously it detects the difference between a press and hold of the Power button and quick press too.
  3. It is quite possible that the new version really does use more battery so your initial impressions may well be correct (I think zImage is the kernel?). I expect the development focus at the moment is about getting things working rather than battery economy.
  4. I have a Galaxy S running Android. People often complain about perceived increased battery drain after upgrading firmware. I am not sure if it is an Android operating system function or a Galaxy S custom software feature but battery levels are learned over time. There is a way to "wipe" the battery stats. After changing firmware it is always recommended that battery stats are wiped and at least two complete discharge from full to empty cycles are completed before verifying how quickly battery is used as the meter can give you incorrect information straight after a change of firmware/kernel. I am not sure if there is an equivalent way to wipe the battery stats in this i8000 version of Android (or how accurate the battery levels actually are in any case).
  5. For those of you installing task-killer applications you may find this article and similar ones interesting. In a nutshell, the Android operating system works differently to Windows Mobile and handles low memory situations and managing the state of applications far better than Winmo does. Using a task-killer application is not necessary and may actually be counter-productive.
  6. The same thing happens for me. Freezes about 20 seconds after the animated Android logo appears. Did you find out how to get past this?
  7. server hosting the download is not responding... any chance the download could be hosted on a service like rapidshare? EDIT: it finally started responding
  8. I prefer Resco Contact Manager which includes integrated SMS app. Fast, low memory and nice UI.
  9. I don't know what has changed but my appointment notifications seem to be working correctly again. It is all very mysterious. Oh well, hopefully it stays working.
  10. I am not sure what has happened but in the last few days I have noticed that appointments in my calendar that have a reminder set are not activating the reminder. I cant think of anything that I have changed that would cause this. I have found that if I soft reset it seems to clear the problem (well it seems that is fixing the problem for a while). After I have done this my phone plays notification sound at the right time (including when sleeping). Does anyone have any idea what could be stopping appointment notifications from working?
  11. The Omnia Pro 4 (winmo 6.5.3) phone has been announced. The picture I saw here shows a new Today screen that includes weather. Maybe this could be ported to Omnia II. The screen resolution is different on this new phone though. Actually I wonder if that is what it will look like because there were some pictures of the Samsung Today screens from Samsung showing with weather on it which they never delivered. Notice the number of missed calls and txt messages :huh:
  12. does all the white noticeably affect battery life? It needs to light up many pixels compared to black themes
  13. Do you mean the "Menu > Filter > Select Folder" option is not there? I have TWU2 JE1 lite ROM and I installed the JE1 CAB for Samsung Photo and this option is definitely there.
  14. Check in the ROM forum. There are a few ROM threads that have separate CABs for various apps including Samsung Messaging. If you are using MMS you will also need the Samsung Photo app otherwise you wont be able to select an image.
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