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  1. I want your version because it is an option Home Tabs. I put the link in it should run very cost 15 Tabs RAM, I want to have the option to remove the "Customize Tabs" Tabs are not necessary for me. Thanks
  2. You can help me create a file "touch flo 3D.cab" at this link http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...000-modaco-com/ 295162/touchflo3d / I can not find the option Home Tab, to remove the tab is not required for ROM run faster. Thanks :)
  3. I can not find the "home screens tabs" you can show me how to find it, or do something with it to have this option, Thanks! :)
  4. Delete This version shows her up everything, only one of the button off-screen machine side, it gets very slow, you have to do to treat it are not? thanks. <_<
  5. Thank you! I reset the CSC JB1 has created a message normal
  6. I can not create new message, please check your crib to help me, thanks
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