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  1. i switched to O2 and now have unlimited surfing... orange really do suck.. dunno why people still use them
  2. i also had a bunch of problems with crashing etc on my white 3g iphone... but a recent update has fixed all that, its running sweet now.
  3. My main phone is the 3G 16gb Iphone in white (im loving the gaming on it thanks to the brilliant app store).. i also use a white htc touch for the gps maps and general all round windows mobile goodness which i cant quite let go of.. not really sure about a next device, probably the next iphone whenever that comes out.. as for other gadgetry, i have a white macbook (which i have boot camped with osx and windows xp) , and a white acer aspire one running xp my mp3 player is a new 4th gen 8gb ipod nano in silver and obviously i also use my iphone for music/vids too. like you paul, i am a sucker for white devices :lol:
  4. i know you said that you have to buy via the net... but get a ferry over to england and head to an orange shop.. they sell the white and black versions for 150pounds.. i got a white one and unlocked it... sweet !
  5. look out for them on the 'bay coming soon then !
  6. so you can get your money back and buy the imate version instead... tenner saved!!
  7. nice find with the imate version paul.. as for flashing my phone to wm6... the main reason I would do it is for the inclusion of windows live messenger, as pocket msn seems to be a bit unstable.. luckily, earlier today I found a cab file for windows live which I installed on my wm5 qtek 8500... and it worked great. So if you are thinking of flashing to wm6 just for windows live, message me and I will gladly send on the cab file to you..
  8. thanks dude... im so pleased with this phone... im thinking of getting another one as a spare....
  9. talking of a wm6 flash... could someone list the advantages of 6 over 5... before i decide whether to do it or not.. thanks in advance.
  10. im really pleased with it... runs really smoothly.
  11. hmm, im still running wm5... not really sure about moving to wm6 seeing as i have destinator 6 running smoothly on it, as is pocket msn and msn messenger. wm5 seems pretty stable and i think is good enough for me.... you know the old saying.. if it aint broke , dont fix it... :) im glad my post pointed you in the direction of this great bargain
  12. Just a heads up for anyone looking to buy a QTek 8500.. I have just received mine from www.expansys.com and I am pretty pleased with it seeing as it only costs £69.95 now thats a BARGAIN. They have them in the 'stock clearance' section... Expansys Qtek 8500 link SIM FREE TOO :)
  13. unclelimey

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    welcome to the revolution ! :)
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