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  1. Sounds like the official one is good to go for then. Ebay shows them at just under £20, does that sound right?
  2. I know that a standard holder can be picked up for a few pounds these days but I'm after something on a suction cup and has an area for the camera to point through so that I can use DailyRoads Voyager. I'm probably not going to splash out on a Brodit-style system but don't mind paying for something which is up to the job. Cheers.
  3. I'm having problems getting BBA to work after a reflash. I've tried the titanium backup (usually works fine) and downloading again (I was a beta tester) but I still get a 403 error when it's trying to check the license. Any ideas?
  4. Have you tried the supercharger script from xda? I've used it for the last day and so far no launcher redraws.
  5. Yep the same from me too in regards to the network disconnects. I'm using the baseband listed in the first post and nothing seems wrong ril-wise. Going into and out of airplane mode mostly works but sometimes only a reboot will do. Such a shame that such a fundamental function is broken.
  6. Does anyone else have issues with their launcher restarting a lot? I've changed from Launcher Pro to Go but have the same problem. Oddly enough I'm sure that I had the same thing happen when I went from froyo to gingerbread on my Hero back in the day.
  7. I'm no lawyer so can you explain what laws people can use because they've been "conned"?
  8. Should be GB when it comes. Fingers crossed that it's solid.
  9. https://plus.google....55984351363790/ Now added - http://gplus.to/gav Cheers Jon!
  10. It should be much much faster than that. Did you convert to ext3 as that can cause those symptoms.
  11. Have you tried downloading any free app from the Market? This often works for me and if it doesn't I then go back to TB to fix links.
  12. That looks about right to me. My titanium backup stores everything on the internal SD just fine BTW. If you go ad-free then you can use the kitchen and select to install Titanium with the ROM otherwise you'll have to go into the market to get it once you've started up. This all works fine for me - the one thing which you will lose is the widget settings on your home screens.
  13. That part of the app is still to be developed AFAIK. I agree that it would be a nice feature.
  14. In regards to Handcent, it seems to work fine for me. I have notifications turned off in the native messaging up and on in Handcent.
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