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  1. Perfect, I was waiting with the radio update till i had this spelled out. I'm having a bit of GPS issues since root, so this should fix it. Can you confirm that this needs to be done with the goldcard, or are we done with it?
  2. Hey, after taking the plunge from my vanilla (2.73) Hero rom, everything looks good, and I was most exited about root privs. However when I start "superuser permissions", I just get a black screen with the title on top. I tried enabling USB debugging as some have suggested, but it didn't change anything. The program does not hang, it just sits there with a black screen. :D Isn't my hero supposed to be "rooted" as soon as i flash the MoDaCo rom? I tried 2.3, and had the same problems (and some extra lag), so i downgraded to 2.2 that runs perfectly, but still the same problem with superuser priv. If i try to run some commands (such as sudo or iwconfig I just get permission denied, as i did with the vanilla rom). What am i doing wrong? edit: I just misunderstood how this worked :) , see posts below
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