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  1. Paulo Nobrega

    FitBit user? DriveBit eases the process of logging your driving

    hey.. do u get llama to just run the app ou start it automatically_
  2. ALL forward for adblock inclusion... im having complete freezes with this version,... the phone just stops and i have to pull off battery and restart... anyone having the same issues?
  3. David, did i missed something or with latested updates i couldnt find the options u showed in pic2? I have the franco kernel version365 (and just saw today the 366).
  4. Lol. Sorry. I forgot about that post. I asked then, but I never got to upgrade to next versions so I postponed the settings. Two days ago I upgrade to r7 and did a full wipe and remembered to ask.. again. Lol Gonna try those today. Thanks
  5. My apns disappeared... couldn't even configure them. Did a little Google and found out that many people had that issue since 4.2.1. I never had it. So I restarted phone twice and their reappeared. Strange issue. Btw, since r5 that I can't find a good setting for battery life like I had with franco kernel. I must confess I'm no pro using it. Would anyone share some good settings to use this Rom with franco kernel?
  6. Can u share your setting? I'm also having poor battery life with this Rom and don't seem to find a good setting like I did with franco kernel since 4.1 roms
  7. That quick mod its awesome indeed. Hope you can get it in the kitchen as option Paul... it would allow less flashes every time we bake :D
  8. Yes... the standard in kitchen... i select the photo, select as photo contact, i select the contact, asks me to crop, i do, but when i click ok it says "saving image" and stays in the image...
  9. When i press ok, after the resizing... does not work... keeps in picture to resize
  10. Kind of stopped topic... anyone else got this last build working since first jr7 release?
  11. I did upgraded from jr6 to jr7 with no issues. Only this new version where Paul fixed the tba problem didn't boot. He changed the kitchen yesterday tho the change log was kept. Since first jr7 Rom was good, and i backuped , i baked a new Rom with no backup... ended up with no booting. Restored to my last backup, jr6. So no 4.1.2 until Paul fixes the kitchen. Just that annoying warning from the ota update available every 5 minutes. Lol

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