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  1. This is exactly what happened to me, and exactly what I did. Never looked back since, especially since they also took back the Vega Dock and Carry Case I bought (overall £120 more as my Vega cost me £250 back int he day ... for an IPS screen, onboard GPS, keyboard dock, extra battery, proper Honeycomb Rom with NTFS support, fullsize SD Card slot that's SDXC compatible, and so on ... I think it's well worth it!!) I'm typing this out on a Sony Vaio laptop and hating not having a multitouch touchpad to scroll the window it's become second nature now! My advice - keep returning the units till: a) You're satisfied the problem is fixed, it's pretty easy to tell if it has or hasn't. They screwed me about telling me they fixed my Vega when the actuality was that all they ever did was either factory reset the device, or flash a standard Rom. Clueless to say the least. After 28 days; :rolleyes: you get a refund and get a new one which doesn't have the problems. I'm not sad to say that the local PCW didn't have any Vegas in stock that didn't have this problem! Some poor shmucks will get Vegas that can't be used while being charged (which is ok if you didn't expect it to be that way in the first place like I did ... but when you hear that others have fully functioning Vegas with better screens/digitizers you start to feel like you got the short end of the stick.) c) Or do what I did, use the money on a Transformer. The Vega was well worth it at the start for sure...but knowing that I use the tablet more often than not, the added extras you get with a transformer are so worth it. It's win-win either way. :)
  2. You MIGHT be able to find one in the Bargain Bucket section of PC World Romford since I gave mine back :)
  3. A big "thank you" to PCWorld's store customer services. A big **** you to DSG's Knowhow, and their phone non-support team. The third attempt at repair (lawks - ALL they needed to do was replace the charger!) and they once again decided to reflash the firmware. The repair was carried out on the 26th day, but the device would be with me 1 week later. I was told that because the repair was within the 28 day period (regardless of when the device would reach me) then I would not get a refund (before that, they told me that it had to be in my hands within 28 days!) At this stage I was just mighty annoyed at the whole affair. Literally all they needed to do was replace the charger, instead - they got a courier to visit me 6 times, paid their so-called team money to reflash the firmware 3 times, got me to stay in on all 6 occasions, got me to visit 2 PCWorld stores 3 times and ignore all my advice on what steps to take to remedy the affair. I can't quite imagine what it must have cost them! At the end of it, my local PC World were amazingly friendly and helpful beyond measure. They took back the Vega, and even the dock and Vega case! In return, I added a few more moolahs and bought the Eee Pad Transformer and am typing this with difficulty on the crappy Asus keyboard attachment :) (Am I happy? HELL YES!) Perhaps Vegaccs are listening - DUDES .. replace the frikken transformer.
  4. Booked in now for the 3rd time!!! Was told that I had to go through the 28 day process before anything could happen - and by anything, they mean replace like for like - they won't even allow a refund, return or exchange for a better product. So much for manufacturer's warranty ... I always assumed you could go in and get a straight swap! Unhappy to say the least, it almost feels like they're trying to put me off getting it sent back ... They KNOW it won't come back within the 28 day period, I was even told that it wouldn't come back within that time. I just have to suck it up and wait till the coming Friday...which for all intents and purposes is completely unecessary, cumbersome, and just plain frustrating. Surely it costs them money to keep picking up the same item by courier and sending it back by courier?? Meh - decided to tell my story to the local PCWorld store, they seemed a lot more helpful. As soon as the 28 day period hits I can apparantly get issued with a voucher from the Knownothow team and use it instore for anything. *sighs* Gonna wait and see how this pans out.
  5. Similar issues to what others experienced. Inconsistency is the key - even when I mentioned the what the OP got from CS, it's now a Code 2. I told them the problem was charger related. PC World Romford offered to replace the charger with a new one from the box, unfortunately all the chargers they had in every "new box" were still from 2010/11 (mine was 2010/10) and the same problem exists. They told me to try Lakeside, as its a Megastore that gets new stock in all the time (so possibility of having a charger from a later unit was much better there.) Lakeside weren't helpful at all (like the Beckton store, they're useless and clueless!) First bloke multi-metered the charger "12V - nothing wrong with it". Err yeah, I know that. So I showed him the problem directly and he agreed there was an issue. Told them that a few people replaced their chargers with Maplin units that were better regulated and I didn't wanna fork out a few quid for a charger as I was a cheapskate - could they replace with one of their new units. Answer: No - they gave me the phone number for Customer Services, who Code 2'ed it and promptly came over to my house 2 days later to collect the unit in a large box. [i can live without the Vega for a while if they fix the issue!] The driver came, and opened a large foam padded box to put the items in (I just gave the Vega and charger, nothing else.) I informed the driver that the Vega would rattle around in the foam box and may break - to which point he replied "it's ok - if it breaks you get a new one" .... (hint: PC World - you need to change your courier agency, they seem to have no regard for item collections!) 5 days so far, I'll let you know how it goes...if they don't fix it then it's a return with the money invested on a transformer methinks! (Starscream)
  6. Have/had issues with my tv. An old Samsung 50" Plasma. The screen would have green flashes in the black regions of the picture, and videos/etc stutter. TV works fine on an Asus UL30, Dell XPS M1530 and XBox 360 so I doubt its a fault with the tv. Oddly enough, Vega worked fine on an LG monitor (with sound) and Iiyama monitor via HDMI->DVI (no sound). Once my Vega's back from repair I'll try it out again and see if it still gives the same issues.
  7. I'd be interested in selling my dock if you can't get hold of one. PM me.
  8. I'll keep a tabs :P interested in starting development for Android!
  9. Has anyone tried this on the Galaxy S? On Darky's 10.1 after installing the APK, selecting Google Video Talk Installer, and having the app grant superuser and restart the phone - there are no changes to Talk. Can we get this installed manually?
  10. yabbas

    Pen for Vega

    I can only vouch for using the Boxwave Capacitive Stylus http://www.boxwave.com/products/capacitive...stylus_3779.htm They're about £15 I think. They feel great in use, no fingerprints and more precision imho. The nubby bit on the piece of string can be put into the headphone jack to tether the stylus :P (PS - I don't have one, just tried it a few days ago and thought it was rather good! Just wish we had Sketchbook Pro like the iLot have ;( we're missing out on some great iApps unfortunately!)
  11. There were a few Gameloft titles that gave flashing (or no) textures in-game. Like I said - I still haven't tried this, my Vega's going back to PC World for "repair" ;(
  12. Haven't tried this yet, original post I read it on was here. Update: Better how-to and a video showing Samurai whatsisface running on a Nexus S: Addictive Tips. The zip file contains GL Libs for Qualcomm, PowerVR and Tegra so PRESUMABLY loading these up as an emulation layer in Chainfire would enable software fragmented for other 3D chipsets to work on our tablets. Assumptions from my part since I haven't tested it yet!
  13. Option 3 seems most intuitive to me, since the phone apps (and not the 3G module) are the battery killers, and only need to be enabled when the 3G module is loaded. It'd probably be easier to bundle the extra apps in as well (how much space do they take anyway?) These would probably be enabled when switching to host mode (I'd imagine?)
  14. True, just takes a lot longer :) Never saw the explanation mentioned anywhere... Yup, missed those for the obvious reasons. I'm using Rockplayer Lite - seems to work on most files I throw at it, including a recent 720P AC3 Tron 2 mkv (with subtitles.) Tron 2 plays without sound (but smooth as hot butter) using HW acceleration, using software only it works with very minor jerks. Apple still support their devices eons down the line, so not really sure what you're on about. Since updates involve "intangible" goods like software, it's not the same as a hardware upgrade. I think the question was "if its the same chip - what exactly is the reason for no more support". But that's a moot point now because... ..after a thread was resurrected and more "interest" garnered by "Joe Layman" over an old March posting on the nVidia boards - the response is that we WILL get support! So yeah...all this is moot now.
  15. Saw this a while back - seems strange considering that it's the same SoC! It is rather irritating the guys at N did this, at least offer up some explanation. Either way - even in its current Android 2.2 state there's plenty of life in the Android tabby - I can view PDFs, Videos, listen to music and browse the net without issue, though it feels kludged together. (Threadjack - Been considering the iPad 2 lately, at US prices it's £307.)
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