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  1. ProgramListLauncher WQVGA-FIX JN Foundation for Manila M2D the program list launcher. postion-fixed and compatibel to all manila-2d-wgvga roms JNF_Manila2DListLauncher_WQVGA_FIX.cab
  2. you got it my friend... take it / use it / cook it ;-) but please make a link to my thread...thx greets joe
  3. INFO: a replacement for the most used weather home update script. it automaticly updates the weahter in your hometab. it uses the last selected city in your weather-tab. smoothly and direct updates by a fast way. INSTALL: at first remove yout old script in "\Windows\Startup" install the cab and restart your device. DOWNLOAD: JNFManilaHomeWeather.cab @ MF use this tools at you own risk!!!
  4. hi ErolD this cab will set your gps-values to standard: rapidshare
  5. hey Yon... please have a look at this post: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/306136/...-roms/page/60/# sry man.
  6. hi yonn1981... we used all zuif2-drivers that fix the btar. also we ported the complete XIP-OEM-Kernel of zuif2...some applications and systemfiles are used from xbij1.
  7. okay guys. I took a consultations with Norrin. and we will take at first the zuif2 as secret. if the time has come we will share this with other cooks. We are very pleased about you first feedbacks. thank you @zagzag99 did already tried to hard reset your phone?? sometimes you need to do more often
  8. bundia has right ...this fix the multiple restarts of m2d ...it's testet with many omnia and different roms. it should work with every tom. it just search for manila.exe as process. rs & zs is the same file at different hosts. @ryhoo never try tested this with omnia II...but omnia2 should have more memory?? is there the tham problems with restarts??
  9. INFO: a small tool which is active in the background to control the manila-start-screen if is necessary. The crashes and restarts so hopefully members of the past. ;-) At the moment we have tested it only on the current manila v2. It should also run on older or future version. INSTALL: install the cab and restart your device. DOWNLOAD: *changed path in cab...that should fix all problems* joes jManilaHolder_220110US.cab @ ZS ADVANCED INFO: use the exclude list to avoid manila to go in standbymode if you call a particular program. "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\joes\jManilaHolder"->exclude the exclude-list need the classname of the program. you can find it with this small tool: jSpion @ RS jSpion @ ZS foundation Cooperation product use this tools at you own risk!!!
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