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  1. Anyone can tell me what are the main improvements in this ROM? Which one is better compared to JH2?
  2. I've tried to reflash it but the problem still exists. However, at the first attempt (before I reflash it) the ringing volume in the normal profile can stay the same after I've been using it for quite some time (I dunno whether it is because I am using the profile changer from SPB). But now I am changing to titanium skin and can't get rid of this problem. Got any solution? Maybe changing the registry? =P This is the eboot that i use: Eboot_I8000NXXJH2_HW_40 Btw do you happen to know a theme that looks like a lot of small dots with a black (little grey) background? I found it in my first flash after trying to install and reinstall several titanium theme, but now it's gone. Please tell me where to download it if you know, thx =)
  3. Hi, I've been using the new stock ROM for quite some time now (JH2), and I found out that there is a bug in the profile changer. Whenever I change my profile from normal to vibrate, silent, then to normal again, the ring volume automatically changes to 0. It's really disturbing me since I could miss some calls. Does anyone know the solution (instead of installing another program such as G-profile)? Thx My ROM is as following: PDA: I8000NXXJH2 CSC: I8000XEEJH2 Phone: I8000XXJF1
  4. Hello, can anyone tell me which one is the latest singapore Rom? Or the latest Rom that has plum keyboard included. Please provide me the link to download, thx in advanced =) My current Rom is: PDA: I8000NXXJC4 CSC: I8000XSOJC3 PHONE: I8000DCJC1
  5. Is anyone having problem with the RAM? I use the phone to open some applications and close them properly (not minimize), but at the end of the day it still leaves me with only 10-20 Mb of Ram
  6. I found a really annoying bug in this release. Every time I change my profile from normal to vibrate or silent then back again to normal, the ring volume (in normal profile) automatically change to 0. This made me miss a lot of calls! Anyone got the solution? (maybe need to change the registry a little bit?)
  7. For those who hate rapidshare, I've uploaded it to another web, here is the link: http://www.enterupload.com/yrv296uofi2o/i8000nxxje5893.rar enjoy =)
  8. Hi there! I have several questions here: 1.What's the difference between the JD6 and JE2 version? 2.How to use the facebook tab? can't seem to login there. "Facebook login problem solution Fill your contact card at the contacts Synchronize with MS MyPhone In your contact card, at the bottom, tap on the "Link to Facebook" and login" Where can I find the contact card? And how to sync with MS MyPhone? 3. Is there a way to use the htc message properly? Because when I use the samsung keypad to type, the white box seems to jump out of its place and almost cover the whole screen (when I hide the keyboard everything is ok though) 4. How can I know whether the connection available in my position is GPRS, EDGE, 3G, or 3G+(HSDPA)? In the normal ROM it is shown as a small icon on the top of the screen, but now I've just seen a small globe showing an "E" alphabet all the time. 5. Is it just me, when I tried to change the lock screen wallpaper from the settings tab, the phone will freeze and I have to manually turn it off and on again before it works? Kindly answer it, thx before =D
  9. Hey there I've tried this 4.2 Rom, gotta say it's indeed an awesome ROM. The first time I flashed I used CSC_I8000XSOIJ2, the internet can connect automatically without any setting. Then I reflashed again using CSC_I8000XEUJE1, and the internet connection did not work at all.. But then after reading the thread before I found the solution, which is by setting the internet connection manually (the one provided there is kpn, and the language is not in English so it's kinda confusing. Though it actually worked). For one who has problem like me, I've found another guide in English, here is the link http://forums.cnet.com/5208-19168_102-0.html?threadID=346397 Hope this is useful for you =)
  10. same thing i wanna ask there =P i also want to download the cab, is there any kind persons would like to make the cab?
  11. i know what's your problem! coz i just had one (the same as yours) hahaha open control panel, device manager, check on your device whether the driver installed is version 5, coz the original one is version 6.1, so you need to update the driver with the version 5 (you can download the driver file inside the forum)
  12. it can't be installed in my device. already tried several times.. wonder why is it because i'm still using winmo 6.1? HELP!
  13. I just removed all the shortcut in shotrcut widget and can't put it back -.-' Is it a common problem of this phone? Anyway, how to disable WidgetPlus? Previously I used Spb Shell but I don't think it looks nice And I wonder whether that shell consumed my battery since I have to charge my phone almost every day Can anyone share ur experience in using ur omnia ii? (how many days usually ur phone can last before it needs another charging, and how long does it take to charge the phone from about 10% battery power to full again) Every charging session took me approximately 3-4 hours, really sick of that! And even though the battery is already 100% but when I try to turn it off there seems to be another part of the battery that is still in charging (the battery animation is still moving up and down for another 30-60 minutes)
  14. I'm having the same problem here.. I am able to remove the shorcut but when I press the add button it seems that nothing happen, I only see a loading screen for about 5 seconds.. Anyone knows the solution?
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