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  1. Problem with call log - cannot be opened :-( I have 512 contacts and if i find names dialing is toooo slow :-(
  2. prefect job (konečne niekto kto má čas na výrobu z CSR)
  3. Manila2D V2 G-Carbon 19.04.10 1. problem erasing sms message /theme freez/ 2. problem find contact by alphabetic
  4. I solve this problem I copy two folder from SYS another build (Phone PhoneRedist) Try dag`s 28008 Website
  5. Screen01.bmp please help me how remove scroll bar in phone dialer ? thanks
  6. thanks for your great help it is working perfectly
  7. I am missing XT9 icon too. :-((( I think the problem can be solved by editing initialflash.dat.
  8. Not working :-( <wap-provisioningdoc> "added your content START" <characteristic type="CertificateStore"> </characteristic> </characteristic> </characteristic> "added your content END" "old content" <characteristic type="FileOperation"> ........ </characteristic> "old content" </wap-provisioningdoc> to Zpecter: If you have DXIF1 ROM. Exctract OEM directory using i900_excractor. ------------------ Where can we find the original DXIF1 or PUIE1 ROM in English? With DXID1 I have sleep bug (using only original) PUIE1/PUIE2 only RUSSIA ??? please download link to original russian From samsung i download only i900PUHJ2_updater_xp.EXE
  9. I dId not understand exactly your description. Is it necessary to replace the file CSCConfig.xml in customer.csc? Is it necessary to replace the file OEM/ OEMDrivers /zylonite_battdrvr.dll / *.* OEM Replacement of i910 was only a test. I was aware that the phone could break. But fingermouse worked perfectly.The mobile phone started but phone and wifi did not work. Maybe this will help someone and he can use the drivers from the i910 to i900. It worked perfectly. There was an option to change the cursor.
  10. ERROR! platformrebuilder (errorlevel: -1073740777) ERROR! CreateROM (errorlevel: -1073740777) ERROR! NB 2 NBH (errorlevel: -1073740777) 1% battery is not woking How should I implement 1% battery zylonite_battdrvr.dll and Certs.cab to my ROM ? I replace OEM from i910 - mobil start bat Phone and wifi not working fingermouse working perfectly !! I use this OEM from WoZZeR999 http://www.modaco.com/content/i910-specifi...11-23091-21874/ OEM OEM.7z
  11. 28002, 28005, 28008 sleep bug !! I use original drivers from the DXID1. To reset it only helps. Any solution ?? How should I place the "keyboard seting icon XT9" to Settings/Personal ??? Has anybody SKlsUN_xt9.ldb this file from any HTC ROM ??? please post it to me Thanks
  12. new build DelBossco WM6_5 28008 DXID1 DXID1 PUIE1 Full 4.12.2009, Full ROM
  13. BaseAppsFiles - Microsoft Camera + Camera Integration Support - replaces BaseAppsModules BaseAppsModules - Microsoft Camera + Camera Integration Support -replaces BaseAppsFiles MediaOSFiles - Windows Mobile Player Decoder DMO - nahrádza MediaOSModules MediaOSModules - Windows Mobile Player Decoder DMO - replaces MediaOSFiles OSFiles - Required - MS WMV DMO - replaces OSModules OSModules - Required - MS WMV DMO - replaces OSFiles Which one is better ?? Its same for use ?
  14. smaury big big big thanks Perf (Not needed) It is : Selected performance Tool Celog/Profiler CePerf I erase it. On the dektop I have icon MSAlarms (no color icon - it is same icon es perf white square) Erase msalarms.lnk ??? I find it: ADC - Automatic Data Configuration AdobeFlash - Adobe Flash AdobeFlashCodecs - Adobe Flash Video Playback Codecs AlarmSounds - Alarm Sounds AUTOUPDATE - Device-Side Auto Update - Not Required Base - Required - but what is it? BaseApps - Required - but what is it? BaseAppsFiles - Microsoft Camera + Camera Integration Support - replaces BaseAppsModules BaseAppsModules - Microsoft Camera + Camera Integration Support -replaces BaseAppsFiles Bluetooth - Bluetooth Support (for microsoft BT stack, dependant on build-time switch) bronze - Required - Components for CHome BronzeEA - Components for CHome (east-asia languages) BronzeNonEA - Components for CHome (Non east-asia languages) BROWSING - IE 5 Components BROWSINGCORE - IE 6on6 Scripting Components (dependant on build-time switch) browsingie - IE 6on6 UI and RenderCore (dependant on build-time switch) BTDUN - Bluetooth dial-up networking Bth_A2DP - Bluetooth A2DP Bth_HID - Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device) profile support Bth_Watch - Support for the Sony Erricssion Wrist Watch CHome - Titanium, the WM Pro version of Sliding Panels CommonEA - Common settings specific to east asia builds, replaces CommonNonEA CommonNonEA - Common settings specific to non-east asia builds, replaces CommonEA COMPLEXSCRIPT_FONTS - System fonts for Arabic builds, replaces SYSTEM_DEFAULT_FONTS ConfettiCore - HW Accelerated RenderCore for 6.5 Chrome DRM - Digital Rights Management Support (dependant on build-time switch) - Required for Video playback of 3gp and mp4 Enterprise - IPSec, l2TP and Winscard support? Entertainment - Games FWUPDATE - ImageUpdate Support gb18030 - East Asian Font support - Excluded from non-EA images GPSID - GPS Intermediate Driver, facilitates multiple applications using one serial port simultaneously INTERNETSHARING - Provides a NAT Router for WWAN <--> USB/Bluetooth communication IPSECVPN - IPSec VPN Support IRDA - IR Port Support LangDB - wince.nls for your language (0404, 0411, 0412, 0804, WWE) Livesearch - Windows Live Search/Bing Search Lockscreen - WM6.5 Lockscreen LockscreenEA - Lockscreen east-asia components - replaces LockscreenNonEA LockscreenNonEA - Lockscreen Non east-asia components - replaces LockscreenEA MediaOS - Windows Media Player - Needed for MP3 Ringtone support? MediaOSFiles - Windows Mobile Player Decoder DMO - replaces MediaOSModules MediaOSModules - Windows Mobile Player Decoder DMO - replaces MediaOSFiles Metadata - Required - Registry Hives, Package Info MODEMLINK - Old-style internet sharing support (DUN) (dependant on build-time switch) MSIMAR - SIP support for Arabic builds - excluded from non-arabic builds MSTag - Microsoft Tag Reader (dependant on build-time switch) MSXIPKernel - Microsoft Native Kernel Components MSXIPKernelLTK - Empty ImageUpdate Package - Requirement for future expansion NetCF - Microsoft .NET Compact Framework NonPhone - Non-Phone (PDA) Components - excluded from phone builds OEMXIPKernel - OEM Native Kernel Components Office - Microsoft Office 6 Mobile OneNote - Microsoft OneNote 6 Mobile OS - Required - Description? OSFiles - Required - MS WMV DMO - replaces OSModules OSModules - Required - MS WMV DMO - replaces OSFiles Perf - Debug Performance Monitor Perfbox - Debug Performance Monitor Phone - Required - Phone support, not in PDA builds PhoneRedist - Required - Phone support, not in PDA builds ppgprov - OMA Provisioning Support, not in PDA builds Redist - ? RemoteDesktopMobile - Remote Desktop Riched20 - Rich HTML Editor support - WWE builds - replaces Riched20_CS Riched20_CS - Rich HTML Editor support - Arabic builds - replaces Riched20 RIL710MUX - CellCore Component (optional) RingsAndAlerts - Rings and Alerts RMGR - Roaming Manager (optional) RUNTIMES - C Runtimes SipAR - SIP Support for Arabic builds (excluded from non-arabic builds) SampleMusic - Sample Music (dependant on build-time switch) Shell - Required SIM_TKit - SIM Tool Kit, omitted from CDMA builds Skybox - Microsoft MyPhone, Syncs a phone's info with Microsoft (dependant on build-time switch) Skymarket - WM MarketPlace isn't live yet - Just a link (dependant on build-time switch) SMIME - Required - Crypto Support SMS_Providers - Required - SMS Support SQLCE - SQL Server for CE (dependant on build-time switch) SQM - Systems Quality Metrics (customer experience feedback) SqlCeMobile - Not Required - Unless you need SqlCeMobile SYSTEM_DEFAULT_FONTS - Required - Non Complex-Script Font Support - replaces COMPLEXSCRIPT_FONTS Themes - Extra Themes Transcriber - Transcriber - Not available in every language UNISCRIBE - SIP Support for select non-WWE langs - replaces Transcriber VoiceCommand - Voice Command - (0407, 0409, 040C, 0809) VoIP - VoIP VoIPOS - VoIP Part 2 Webview - IE 6on6 RenderCore component for OS use, WWE - replaces Webview_CS Webview_CS - IE 6on6 RenderCore component for OS use, arabic - replaces Webview WelcomeCenter - The WM6.5 Welcome Center - Required for "Help" WindowsLive - Windows Live Mobile WindowsLiveIM - Windows Live Instant Messaging WMLiveSearchWidget - MS Live Search Widget WMMoneyWidget - MS Money Widget WMWeatherWidget - MS Weather Widget WMWidgets - MS Widgets Support (Requires IE 6on6) WWAN - WWAN Support (not in PDA Builds)
  15. 28002 SYS in this post and DAG_s SYS are different Dag_s SYS included more folders : BaseAppsModules BronzeEA CommonEA COMPLEXSCRIPT_FONTS gb18030 LockscreenEA MediaOSModules MSIMAR MSIMAR_DPI_96 MSXIPKernel - copy or move to ROM\28002\ ???? MSXIPKernelLTK - copy or move to ROM\XIP\ ??? NetCF NonPhone OSModules Perf Riched20_CS RIL710MUX RMGR SIM_TKit - you say erase SipAR Webview_CS WidgetApps WinCENLS_WWE xip.bin - erase ?
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