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  1. I use VillainROM 6.0 and it connects to my handsfree car kit no problem, didn't have an issue with 5.5 either. VillainROM 6 is a lot better 5.5 doesn't seem as laggy, if you're having problems installing VillainROM 6.0 remember you need to wipe your EXT partition if you have one. Also battery life is pretty good, probably similar to what I got of MCR 3.2
  2. I think I had a similar problem updating from 2.3 -> 2.6. Initially looked like the update had worked fine, but crashed lots of forced close screens, rebooted started again okay but after a while it crashed again. Restored backup of 2.3 working fine again. Do I need to update to 2.5 first before updating to 2.6 ? WaveSecure looks like a good additional to the build so would like to get 2.6 running properly.
  3. Yeah my car kit came through about a week after I got the phone.
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