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  1. chrisbpr

    iphone 3gs to htc desire

    Many thanks for that.
  2. chrisbpr

    iphone 3gs to htc desire

    i am currently on an iphone monthly contract with O2 and thinking about getting a sim free desire....what i am wondering is whether the idata APN will work with the desire so i can use the data/web without incurring extra charges.
  3. chrisbpr

    3G Router

    i have been using this and it works a treat ,so much so i have bumped my b/b contract with virgin mobile.
  4. chrisbpr

    3 to release Mobile Broadband WiFi router

    a company worth checking out is billion, i have been using one of their routers with a 3g dongle and this works superb. so much so that i have ditched my BB fixed line and am just running on the dongle.
  5. chrisbpr

    xbox 360 as wmc

    is it possible access the net off an xbox 360 & rip music to the hard drive via the usb ports . i was thinking of getting a wmc but i wouldn't use all the fuctions so i was wondering how "like a pc " the xbox is.
  6. well done paul for seeing the light and coming over to mac. just one question ,how have you got on with connecting to the net via bluetooth & your phone as i have had all sorts of fun and games with this and still cant get it to work. chris
  7. i am now out of contract with t-mobile & want to stay with them becuse of the w&w tarrif. the only thing is their range oft smartphones is a bit thin on the ground & i was wondering if anyone knows if they are planning to relese something along the lines of the spv e650 ? ta chris
  8. chrisbpr

    new t-mobile phones

    i popped into my local t-mob shop today & was told that the release of the vario 3 was imminent & that a release of a new 'smartphone' wasn't too far off ( the vox ? ). the shop assistant couldn't give me any more info then that & i'm hopeing that the smartphone will be the 'htc wings'.
  9. chrisbpr

    SE sync software

    if you got to http://www.fjsoft.at/ and download my phone explorer , you will find this much better than the se offering . its a free program but well worth giving a donation ( i don't work for them btw !!!)
  10. chrisbpr

    upgrade time

    my vario is looking a bit battered after nearly 18 months of faithful service and as my contract is nearly up i was wondering what the upgrade expriance is like at tmob. after being with orange for 10 years i knew that upgrading could always be a bit of a merry-go-round with threats to leave etc before getting a good deal on an upgrade. i am assuming that there may be plenty of people out there who are coming up to the end of their tmob contract as well .
  11. chrisbpr

    upgrade time

    whats the Kaiser ????
  12. chrisbpr

    "Ditching MDA Vario 4 Sony Ericsson, K800i?"

    just moved from a vario to a k800i & the sim works no problem on 3g,connects to my pc a piece of cake & may even consider ditching my broadband account as i am getting good up/download speeds. the thing i miss though is a good media player ala TCMP as i may need to convert my films that i have ripped from dvd. all i all not missing the vario much at the mo...but you would if yu needed office file on the move.....
  13. chrisbpr


    i am going from a wm device to a se k800i. could anyone tell me of any must have software for the device, i am particllery after an IM & someting to play vids on ala TCMP. ta chris
  14. not exactly on topic i know, but talking of EDGE does tmob uk support this as the browsing on my vario seems to be alot quicker all of a sudden
  15. what is the camera like & does it have a flash
  16. chrisbpr

    how to use wifi

    just switch on your phone ,fire up wifi then wwhen its found your router enter your security & your away( well for me it was that easy on my sp5 !!!!)
  17. chrisbpr

    gprs speedtest

    while board at work i decided to go on a speed test web site ( zd net) to test my gprs speed on my mda vario. i was very suprised to find out that i was get connected at 200kbps..... can this be right as i though that gprs was a lowly 56kbps or does tmobile support EDGE. :rolleyes:
  18. chrisbpr

    gprs speedtest

    ohh & i dont know if this makes a difference but i was surfing the web on my laptop & connecting via bluetooth.
  19. what type of memory card does it take ???
  20. best to wait then.................
  21. well i'm looking at the flext 20,but i'm not sure how thats going to change after 1st oct. i have read somewere that tmob block certian ports & other people say that tmob monitor your usage..any ideas on this...ta
  22. just talked to tmob & i can easily move my wnw 100 to the flext with unlimited net access...however,i was told that i couldn't use my phone as a modem or use msn messenger..is this right as data is data surely !!!
  23. ohh & has anyone got the number for tmob cs as i cant seem to find it....ta
  24. i'm on the original wnw 100 (40mb data),does anyone know if we get an automatic upgrade to the lower tariff ????
  25. chrisbpr

    films on vario

    does anyone know of a site that has movies that can be downloaded stright onto my vario along the lines of what i-tunes does with the ipod. i can do it using the usual way of ripping a dvd & then compresing but its quite a long process & you need the dvd in the first place. thanks chris

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