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  1. Sorry to have to do this but I would like to bump this as I still have a big issue with this!!
  2. Hi everyone, I installed Cyanogenmod to my phone a little while ago and also the program S2E (apps2SD), however now when I plug in the phone on the laptop that I did the rooting, etc... on the phone/SD Card does not get recognised as a drive so that I can copy files across!! The only way to get stuff on at the moment is to switch the phone off and plug in the MicroSD into a USB adaptor which is a pain as the phone has to be turned off to do it!! I took my USB cable into work and tried it on the work PC and the SD card showed up fine as a separate drive on there so I can only presume that it is something on the laptop that is causing a conflict somewhere?? I did do a search on here and google and found that some peoples problems were fixed by 'fixing the permissions' in the ROM Manager. I did tried this but the problem still exists. Has anyone come across the issue that might be able to give some guidance please?? Thanks!
  3. Cool, Thank you for the links. It seems like a Gen2 will allow you to have the very latest Gingerbread ROM, apart from that to me there doesn't seem to be a difference... that could just be me though!!?? So I'm gonna try putting 2.2 Froyo on I think... Is there any recommendation as to which one is best?
  4. Mr PigFish says I have a Gen1... So I presume I just take one of the GEN1 threads from the front page and start installing a new version of Android?
  5. Hi there, Picked up an Orange San Francisco last week and have to say I'm enjoying it so far! Then I stumbled across this forum specifically for this phone and have been reading into some of the threads... especially the ones about updating the firmware. I'm a complete Android noob I have to admit and am a little perplexed by what I would need to do to get my phone up and running for Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Is there a step by step 'noob' guide available that I'm able to follow? I did check out this thread: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...now-gen-2-only/ but it starts off by saying that its only for GEN2? How do I know if I am GEN1 or GEN2? I'd be grateful for a little push in the right direction if possible!! Thank you very much :)
  6. I got mine from Ebay too... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/3-5mm-Headphone-Adap...1QQcmdZViewItem I'm so glad someone has done one, the bundled headphones are awful!! Now I can listen with my Sennheisers :D
  7. Thanks for that review, it was quite useful!! I think I'm gonna shy away from the Lobster now. The main reason for me getting it would be to listen to the DAB radio in the car as my reception on AM is dreadful for TalkSport!! I may just get a cheap portable one though to use in the car and go for a different phone. My current phone is a Nokia N91 at the moment. I planned on using it aas a stop gap phone but I've kind of grown to like it!!
  8. Any idea of the software?? Would be really helpful!! I have around 150-200 contacts so doing them individually would take a while!! Unfortunately I may well be moving away from the Windows Mobile scene. I always used to use it because of work, keeping my diary up to date, contacts, etc... but started a new job and they use NOVELL GROUPWISE as their mail client so unfortunately my phone/PPC is half of what it used to be :) Not quite sure what phone I want yet so just need to get my contacts onto my SIM card.
  9. Is this possible on the Wizard?? Unfortunately I have to get rid of my XDA Mini S but need to keep my contacts but can't think of any way to do it?? Please Help!!
  10. You could also do it via Bluetooth... However I'm presuming you may have a few to do?? Best thing would be to set up an account on your PC and hook the C500 up via Activesync and sync with Outlook. Once sync'd with the PC then hook up the E650 and download them onto that phone :)
  11. Thank you very much for your quick response... Think I'm gonna have to invest in one of these. I've never gone back to a normal phone after converting to Windows Mobile and finding out this phone runs on WM is just a massive bonus. Means a seamless transfer from using my XDA Mini S. The DAB radio in the Lobster is gonna be the big draw for me, just being able to use that is superb... do you have to have the headphones supplied to act as the aerial or can you use any headphones plugged in as an aerial?? Just thinking as I already have a 2.5mm - 3.5mm converter and could plug in speakers if it doesn't need the headphones supplied?
  12. Soz... whats the syncing with Outlook like? Seems like its got a Windows Mobile OS?
  13. I'm seriously thinking about getting one of these phones!! I know they're really cheap now, the main draw for me is the fact that it has a DAB radio built in!!! Maybe one of you nice guys could answer these bullet points for me?? Does it have a 3.5mm jack? If not what size is it? Is the DAB radio FREE to access all the time?? Is there a way to access the TV Channels fo FREE? Can the phone play MP3's? What is the phones memory capacity and is it expandable by memory card? Cheers Guys :)
  14. Hi, I was using the handsfree option on my XDA Mini S in the car the other day as I had forgotten my Bluetooth headset. It was reasonably clear but it was just not quite loud enough... I pushed the volume switch up as far as it would go but it still wasn't that loud enough to overcome traffic noise, etc... Is there any sort of tweak you can do to make the speaker louder on the Wizard device?? Cheers
  15. Thanks mandt.... Got the new O2 ROM onto my Mini S, used that Vista workaround and it went on fine after initially I thought I'd buggered my phone on the first attempt!! Don't think I'll bother with a custom WM6 ROM now, the phone is running much faster without the O2 software on it, also I've installed some other Apps that make the phone a lot easier to use, thanks for all your help guys :rolleyes:
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