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  1. Don't think that nokia isn't an upcoming major competitor in the smartphone market (and I mean smartphone not just normal phones :D) I have an N900, as I got it from work for free. At first I was a little skeptical, but it is actually a really great phone and built like a rock! Wait for the MeeGo OS to jump into the market and symbian 3rd edition will make for interesting devices :P Im pretty tempted by an HTC at the moment though......Big question is.......WinMo or Android? :D
  2. Housing is the entire body of a phone. Includes the middle fixture for the board as well as rear/front fascia :lol: It is the correct term for it :)
  3. sfam, did your phone ever get fully repair once the digitizer was replaced? :lol:
  4. Hey. Thanks :) lol. It will keep working as I have been running it for about 4 months :( Was the last time I cooked for the omnia.
  5. Hehe, oh god no. But I'm allowed to say that :) As live in sunny Southport and often venture in liverpool!
  6. Your eboot needs to be the same as the base rom - e.g. You have cooked a ROM on DXID1, then you need the eboot from a DXID1 ROM in your phone or it will not boot. Once you have it on there, then the second time your flashing, you wont need it as long as it is still the same base. So as long as you keep using the same base, you do not need to flash the eboot every time. If you release a ROM always include the eboot section. If someone tries to flash from another ROM such as MSHJ1 and you have made a DXID1 ROM then the eboot section won't match and there phone will brick. Your kitchen should generate a PDA.bin file. You get the eboot from disassembling an original samsung ROM. Just add it together with the PDA part using executor.
  7. Hello all, Many of you may know me as a chef from the forum, however I stopped cooking a while back now as I have moved up to becoming a GSM Hardware reseller. The good news is, that a new product in the market, known as the 'RIFF J-TAG Box'. This can be used for unlocking certain phones, but mostly repairs. However it is multi-platform, so the likelihood of technicians buying the box is higher. So what does this mean for you guys? Well, the RIFF team, seem to be very skilled in Samsung phones. The box amongst many features has the capability to repair bricked Samsung i900's ;) So the chances are, that there are repair centres nearer to you than you may have thought. Maybe you do not need to send that phone overseas just yet! http://www.jtagbox.com/riff-jtag-box-owner...-list/#comments Check the list in the link given for RIFF owners who should be able to help you out with your bricked device :huh: Regards, Jay
  8. Hey sfam, Im pretty sure that the 4 tracks are actually a split of 2 layers, providing a positive and negative for 2 layers. One being conductive (firm lower part), the other being the resistive (flexible). Both have a continuos current running through them (the inside of the touch screen is electrically conductive on both sides with a small gap between the layers). When they touch, the voltage change is measured on the conductive layer (will increase due to having second electrical current running to it). So yeh, kind of like potometers :D However, rather than having X and Y co-ordinates, there is just a voltage change on the conductive layer. Really I think what you would be looking at with the pinout is two negatives and two positives. Usually would be with a positive and negative on the outer two which is then mirrored on the inner two tracks. Obviously any moisture inside shags all that and the currents constantly are making a connection, making it useless :| Or the bottom layer dies, which is why sometimes digitizers just conk out. Front buttons may be a bit more of a pain =/ If waters under the pressure contacts, they may need replacing :D Other choice is to just wait and see if they dry out :D Just check your connections again, keep cleaning the contacts and keep your fingers crossed. USB connection will be a covered single track. Bad news is though, I don't know the pinout lol, i'd just replace the block if a clean up with isoproplyl didnt work :D As a makeshift option though, get some tissue, fold it over on itself a few times so its just larger than the gap from the top of the charging block to the pins, rub it from left to right, and then just take your USB, and plug - unplug it alot hehehe. Might just clear the connection. Good luck! ;)
  9. Hey Mamb! Yeh has been an age ;) Im good thanks, moving on up in the Mobile world matey :D Im now an unlocking hardware reseller and tech. Bedroom looks like a stock cupboard lol, but the money is good. Galaxy S hey? :D I do like android, but havnt made the jump myself yet. Using work phone for a while (switch between htc tp2 and n900) Looks like a nice phone, but is still quite expensive atm =/ I hate my omnia a little less now have replaced digitizer and made a faster ROM for it, but it's still just a bit crap lol. (Although I still dont send it swimming :( hehe, just kiddin sfam) Are you still active on MoDaCo then? I only really nipped by as I tend to once a week or so :P Thought the guy in this thread needed a hand :( Make sure no one tells him to put it under a heater or anything lol. PM me ;)
  10. Hey again. Had a look at the two phones you have suggested. I would say go with the Huawei over the ZTE. Both are chinese manufactured low price phones, but huawei tend to have better unlocking/flash services than ZTE. Plus a larger capacitive screen should make all the difference :D I think with a new digitizer should actually fix your omnia, especially if charging now works :D Use a credit card to seperate your digitizer from your LCD and watch out for the glue! If you get glue on the LCD (like I did) it is incredibly hard to get off as you can press too firmly as would damage the screem :| Let me know how it goes ;)
  11. No worries :D Like the pics, must be a bit of a shocker to do. What phone are you looking at getting? I have just had a few top of the range phones to play with (wireless research project at work) Also, get alot of phones coming in and out as I deal in them and repairs ;) Using the HTC touch pro 2 at the moment, and would highly recommend it! qwerty keyboard, responsive screen, pretty much fully functional android 'froyo' as a second OS (like android on the omnia it uses haret.exe to boot in from SD) and coming down in price :D The 528mhz processor can be overclocked up to 700mhz and sense 2.5 is available for it. But the best bit is that the bootloader is seperate, and you can flash ROMs from the SD card! So pretty much no chance of bricking it :( (PDA part that is) Anyhow, rant over :D Let me know what your looking at though. Have tested more than can count - N900, Milestone, Omnia pro, Blackberry Curve's + Bolds, HTC G1, Legend, Desire etc etc One thing though :D Dont get an iPoo okay? Regards, Jay
  12. Your call here really. I would reccomend before doing so, you weigh things up. Is it now charging? Or is the block still not accepting charge? If it is not accepting charge then I would say that a distilled bath of water for the board is the way to go. If it is accepting charge, I would first try a new digitizer as it is not expensive (maybe around £7) Being a resistive screen, it may be damaged at the pressure points. If you do go for cleaning it with distilled water. Make sure you remove the IC flash chip cover (tin cover on the back side of the board). After you have submerged it and left it for 30 mins or so (put it with the 4 track digitizer connector facing you towards you) get a cotton bud and some isopropyl (low corrosion in comparison to ethanol - Isopropyl = CD cleaning fluid). Clean over the board lightly with isopropyl. This will evaporate any remaining water as well as cleaning the board further. On the plus side of things, giving it a soak in distilled water will hopefully stop any future corrosion. Let me know how you get on :D br, Jay
  13. Hello again. Try and reseat the LCD ribbon. It is the one at the right of the board on the side that is facing you whilst opened. Blow on both the socket (on the board) and the connections on the ribbon of it. Leave it a few seconds to evaporate as the moisture in your breath wont do it any good. Also, as it is a lever style socket, make sure you have everything straight before you push the latch down. If it was working previously, that is a good sign as the LCD itself is fine and it just sounds like a connection is being stopped on the socket. It's quite firm, so make sure you push it in fully and rock your finger from left to right (smoothing over the latch)
  14. Hello there. For future reference or people who are reading this in a similar position, here is what you should have done. If your mobile does suffer from water damage, the first thing to do is to remove the battery. Where you have heated the circuit board (electronic microchips are very sensitive to higher temperatures), a better way to dry it, is to take a plastic container (needs a cover) and fill it with dry rice. Then place your mobile in the dry rice and cover it slightly. The rice is too large to get into the phone however will absorb all of the moisture in the device if left overnight (or 24hrs) As for not responding to touch, I think the problem lies in the ribbon connecting the digitizer (if the digitizer itself has not been damaged) Due to the design of the omnia digitizer, I think it will be the ribbon. Check the connector on the back of the PCB (when you open up the back, it is on the underside). The digitizer connector is the 4 track ribbon (the thinnest of the ribbons) Remove that gently (you may need to open the latch) and check the copper connections on the end of the ribbon. Wipe it with a towel to make sure that it is completely dry. Following this make sure that the connector on the board is dry. Hopefully if you then reinsert the connector, it will start to respond. If it does not, then you may need a new digitizer, or worse (but unfortunately more likely) a new PCB. It may be worth taking it to a local mobile engineer and asking whether they have equipment that can give circuits a 'sonic bath'. Hope this is of help Regards, Jay
  15. Hey. Sorry about that last ROM. I hadn't realised it wasnt patched. Good news is though that I made updated versions of both, which run smoother and use better icons etc. Check the link below :( It definately improved on nearly all aspects :( Enjoy http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...ade-omnia-roms/
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