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  1. I know you are just sharing your experience, but please don't be so definitive, there are a lot of people using ext4 without any problem like me. If you think the problem is not in your setup, you can always open a bug report on googlecode project page. I am telling this because directing people to use manual methods is creating more problem than it fixes.
  2. I am working on the installer to add "install to my storage" option. Also a step by step install guide (including updates, rooting etc.) on the way.
  3. I meant it is risky. this script creates ext2 part and installs android automaticly ( or at least it should ) . it works as the same with original release so you can use the guides, just where you see my storage, use sd card instead.
  4. I have modified sd.cpio.gz for installing directly from sd card. I dont know if it works because I have "my storage" and a ext2 part in my sd card. try at your own risk, it may cause damage ( not likely ) or you may need to recreate your partition table ( more likely ), but I think it should work just as expected because I only changed mounted partitions, and some minor changes to keep log info while changes are made to sd card. I did not wrote the install script, it is originally almar and his teams. All credit should go to them. how to apply: open beta package to your storage card. there should be a directory named o2beta. in that directory, overwrite old sd.cpio.gz with new one. run haret.exe in o2beta directory. it should install android in to your omnia 2. after that you can run android from storage card ( not in o2beta ) haret.exe. how to help: if you are willing to help, open default.txt in storage card\o2beta\ and change panic 30 to panic 120 ( it means second ). If install fails, you will see "will restart in 120 seconds.". in that 2 minutes, write down the last 10 lines ( or more if you can, less if you cant ) and post them so I can try to fix the cause of unexpected end of install. know problems: this fix makes install from sd card possible, but updating still only works from my storage. I will look into it, but in the mean time you have to install update manually. sd.cpio.gz
  5. I am a omnia 2 user since first release, I remember fully working smi and srt subtitle support. I was using rodrigofd's ultra lite. now I am using je3 stock rom with d1 eboot. I read about amc_text_renderer.ax file. Flashed back to rodrigos rom, but I find out that srt is supported but line feed is not working ( shows musical note symbol ♪ and a o in box). Replacing amc_text_renderer.ax is making srt files available, but ne feed new line bug is never gone, tried flashing Khuanchai's oldest roms and some random roms I can find. I think the files we are having problem is in eboot or csc parts. if it is in Csc it makes perfect sense, since it is about localisation, rendering chars can be a problem in it. I dont have many csc files, and I cant flash eboot man times. ( too big change to take ). I read twu's thread to figure out how to extract files from roms, but I dont get it, so I am stuck. what you can do to help: if anyone can see subtitles (.smi and/or srt ) on landscape without any problemssend your pda-phone-eboot-csc versions send amc* and *.ax files in your /windows/ folder [*]if you know how to extract files from roms if you can, send amc* and *.ax files you have send a simple tutorial that explains how to get files without flashing if you are seeing different characters (instead of note ) you can send a screen shot or explain it with your csc - location settings. any help will be appreciated.
  6. I am using ameba. it is a program to edit behaviour of all bottom buttons. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=583002 second of them is the program, but you have to edit registery for any setting. third one is a gui app. for changing settings without registery tweaking. first one is a restarter, if you are willing to reboot after any change in settings, you dont need to install. it just restarts the ameba to make changes.
  7. I have zagg full pack on my i8000 too. and I have some tips: 1. spray makes the film slippy so you can move it as you want, use plenty. when you are satisfied its placement fix it with one hand and smooth out the bubbles with the other. 2. while you are implementing screen part, phone is gonna be off, and when you turn it on you will see all dust and hair and etc. that you didnt see, clean your phone, and install the "shield" in a clean dust free room. 3. look out for moving parts, like usb cover on top of i8000. if you dont align it correct, after a week or so, with opening and closing, it will wear off the misplaced edge. 4. dont think you cant damage the film, it is protective for one side, if you do anything inside part, it wont go away. I think this is it. if you have any other questions I will be happy to answer.
  8. I have try it. unable to run winning eleven( I am not sure version)but steady with 30 fps with gt1. Then lack of multi touch makes everything horibble. I am planning on buying a bluetooth keyboard, when I do I will start a topic.
  9. any one can supply video editor please? I kinda like it edit:I found it in pdaviet's new rom tread, I am planning to use it in khuanchai's rom, hopefully it works
  10. actually, I dont think there is a lot of games with g-sensor support.Just copy ginkage's HTCsensorsdk.dll in windows folder. first time somethink try to use it, windows will ask do you want to let it run(that certificition thingy) after that you are good to go. but dont expect too much, I try resco bubbles and asphalt, but games other than those I am playing, dont support g-sensor, not for samsung nor htc
  11. yea, same here. I have updated via npc. exacly same pda,eboot etc. operator is turkcell also. if select turkcell-isp and leave blank the other, it fills :7275. I am not sure what is it, and if it is working, the other choices are turkcell-mms turkcell-gprs Mobil TV turkcell-isp I am not using gps for now so I havent tried any of them
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