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  1. hi all - can anyone help i have some great icons and want to make a custom slider bar (the one at the buttom of the screen home, email, sms, stocls etc) i tried hdwall but the cab files it produces don't do anything when installed. i have seen alot of people screen shots with custom sliders so i guess its possible. i am using the stock 1.6 rom. thanks!!!!!
  2. very strange, i have just noticed that my phone lock screen is now gone. when i hit the hang up/power off button instead of locking the screen it goes black but when i hit another button it comes right back to the main today screen but no lock screen. bit of a problem when it does in the pocket. any help??
  3. i had a hero for about 4 months and just switched to the HD2 and much much prefer the HD2. if you have any specific questions though PM me and happy to help! ;)
  4. 3d Graphics driver update/patch: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=592663 Rom upgrade: http://htcpedia.com/news/official-htc-hd2-rom-update.html
  5. so someone rightly said lets get a thread going for all the tweaks that we have applied to our super HD2's to make them even better so here goes with what i have done so far, please add your own so we can get a good and helpful thread out to everyone! (may look like the thread already on xda) but these are ones i have personally used and found WORK and make the phone better, lets get a good list together not just a dump of everything. Please only post if you have USED your noted tweak/app and found it helpful! Increase Resolution of Back Thumbnails Go to HKLM\Software\Opera\Prefs\User Prefs and change History Thumbnail Size from 128 to 512. Enable NaviPanel Without Owning the Car Kit/Navigation Dock Go to Windows folder and copy NaviPanel.exe as a shortcut to Windows\Start Menu folder. To enable Video Share mode: Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P9 set "Enable" to "1" To enable GPS Photo mode: Go to HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\P10 set "Enable" to "1" Get True 5 Mega pixel Resolution When Using Camera To get 5MP instead of 4MP resolution when using your camera, you must switch off Widescreen mode in the 'Advanced' Menu. Normal screen = 2592 x 1944 pixels = 5,038,848 pixels = 5MP Widescreen = 2592 x 1552 pixels = 4,022,784 pixels = 4MP i have also attached a ZIP files of some handy tweak .cab files: advanced configuration tool clean ram .cab to lower sensitivitey of the keyboard and one to put back to original form touch X leo turbo (full set of tweaks to optimize the phone) touch x wireless draft N on (enables WiFi "n" so if you have a N wifi modem you phone will FLY. massive differnce i found perosnally) 16 short cuts (ups phone to 16 home screen shortcuts) hd2_tweaks.zip so there you go! let me know what you have all found and please post tweaks you use!!
  6. I agree, maybe we can get a list of good tweeks that people are using great idea - i am going to start a thread of useful tweaks/apps...please everyone let me know what you have used and what you think!! :D
  7. its seems to work great, although the rom from htcpedia and the official danish one are different versions! seems that the htcpedia one is a higher one?
  8. fair enough, annoying but apple seem to keep hold of everything they can! :D
  9. thanks, just called them to ask and they basocally said NO. the tom tom for iphone the money goes to apple so tom tom wont transfer license to other phones....oh well. will stick with co pilot which has always been 100% up to now. :D
  10. ha ha fair enough but i am so used to it now when i picked up my wifes iphone now it feels sooooo small. you get used to the size pretty fast
  11. so far haven't noticed a difference from the original rom! but my phone was never buggy
  12. installed and running! thanks for the post. do you know what teh actual difference is? i haven't noticed too much yet (but it's only been about 10 mins!) by the way from what i read - this might not work for people who have a vodaphone for o2 phone....i think only pure unlock phones but not 100% sure just saw a few people on htcperdia said they had problems......but on my unocked on look about 5 mins and installed ok!
  13. i wanted to start this thread (although i have a feeling it's going to get alot of people going) to defend the poor old HD2. seems like as always we all got caught up in the hype and now all people want to do is complain...and i have to say myself that i have had enough! i love the HD2. i used a htc hero before that and an iphone 3Gs before that and would pick the hd2 over all of them. no phone is perfect, look at the hero forums on xda and modaco they are riddeled with people who's hero is causing them untold problems. the hero out of the box was terrible and it's only after an update that it was usable. and only after the main paul at modaco that it became a great phone. but out of thr box it sucked. sorry but that's the truth. i had one and loved it but it needed work. the camera is 100% usless etc etc. android is a nice OS i don't disagree with that but for all of it's talk of being "open source" it's not the easiest (esp. for a newby to tweak and optimize.) andoird market although getting bigger is full of useless and uninteresting apps. i found maybe 2 that i liked enough to keep on my hero. on to the iphone, yes it's the bench mark and yes it's also a great phone but again it's got it's big short comings. only one program at a time and also needs to be jailbroken to have any fun. why oh why do i need to got through so much effort? apple defintley have a great app store though so big pros where due - but for me apps DONT make a phone. my phone is for work, music and movies, not games. i have a ps3 for that. the hd2 - out of the box a great phone. after some very simple and easy tweaking - an AWESOME phone. sorry guys but i am going to start with the keyboard and say its hands down the best touch screen one on the market. keys are big and easy to use. never had a single problem with it and i write alot of long emails on the phone while travellings. something i found hard on the hero and iphone. yes i didn't want to have to bother with the tweaks but i found a few .cabs that had them doen for me. install - hit go and the phoen is optimized. can you do that on hero or iphone? nope. the prcessor is amazing, what else can i say. the UI is gorgeous. ok now you are all thinking - what about WinMo?? my personal opinion is you only hit the winmo UI when doing detailed settings, it seems to seldom poke its head out to say hello. although when it does i will agree it looks like sense ui ugly sister but its far from a problem as 90% of what you do is on the sexy htc sense ui. i personally don't have the camera problems that others are reporting and find the camera to be good. it's not excellent like a sony ericsson but its a good 5mp phone camera. the music player is great, as good quality as the iphone defintiley. the audio booster works really well. with core player i have watched movies on the phone with no conversion (sorry hero and iphone!) in perfect smooth quality and on the massive screen they look great. the winmo market place is a joke that i will say, last i checked there were about 20 apps 18 of which you had to pay for - but 5 seconds on google finds you a wealth of free apps. but again for me personally i am not an "app person" so don't care. this could go on forever but i do think the HD2 was worth the hype and price and i personally love the phone and have no complaints. first phone in a long time that has stopped me from looking to see what was coming out in the coming months. i am sure many of you will disagree with me but hey we are all allowed a voice! :cool:
  14. from where on the phone did you do the set up/being able to get the html setting? its the only thing that i can't gte to work on my phone (sick of listening to others say what a terrible phone the hd2 is!) but really want the html mail to work. thanks
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