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  1. Still have the issue with refusal to register with the network after resume sleep mode. To recap - wiped phone and installed r24. boot phone and it will come up with signal error message but then connects to my SIM network (orange UK). However after resume from sleep the phone remains with a cross over the network icon and nothing I can do seems to get back the network short of rebooting the phone. Tried reinstalling / wiping three times with different configs but each gives same result. So I installed r22 (with radio) and no such problem - all works fine. So rebaked r24 with no radio, and re-installed, this time with no wipe. Back to square one - wont register with the network after resume from sleep. Anyone got any idea what on earth is going on?
  2. Yes it looks like WaveSecure is NOT the issue. I too can confirm I still have this issue, the phone will not register with the network even after multiple reboots. Shame as this ROM looks brilliant in every other way.
  3. Add another +1. Just installed this evening. Everything else looked fine but intermittent connection to mobile network, acts like it doesn't detect the SIM. Wondered if a problem with the radio image. EDIT: The radio connection disappears when the phone goes to sleep and shows a cross over network connection on resume. Only a reboot seems to restore it. Tried switching to airplane mode and back but that fails to respond. EDIT: Installed a new ROM baked without WaveSecure, on a hunch. The radio still appears to go off in sleep, but on resume will return in a few seconds. Phone rings in standby too, so radio obviously connected to network - so far so good.
  4. zone

    USB Host Mode - Android

    I second that - this is potentially a very interesting feature. I wonder if Paul is looking at this and whether there is any chance that this could be built into some future version of the Modaco Custom Rom?
  5. I had the same dilemma. Had to give up on Toshiba after five or six replacements as no matter what I did most people simply couldn't understand me on calls. I loved everything else to do with the phone but for me decent audio isn't an afterthought, its kind of essential. So I was forced with big regret to change away from the lovely snapdragon and big screened beauty of TG01. Orange offered me the HTC Hero, LG Arena & HTC Touch 3G. None as you say seem near the spec of the Toshiba. I wanted a windows phone - but the Touch 3G is sooo old hat now, The only other windows phone in the Orange range is the Touch Pro2 but thats a proper brick, very heavy. After much soul searching I eventually went for the HTC Hero, making the jump to Android. I'm stunned. Its a complete step up from the TG01 in terms of user experience. Just does everything I want from a phone and the interface is loooovely. TG01 needed mobile shell to look really nice. I think Sense UI coupled with Android makes Mobile Shell UI look really outdated and clunky. This is a grown up interface. Everything works well on Hero, and capacitive screen and multitouch is so much nicer than the TG01 resistive. Android market allows easy install of extra apps - much smoother than windows marketplace. Highlights so far are: beeb iPlayer - lets you watch iplayer and live BBC and radio streams very smoothly. Google Sky map is a awesome application - just point the phone at the sky and see a virtual planetarium with planet and star names. Cool. So anyone wondering what to do - try the HTC Hero instead, I was really pleasantly surprised at just how damn good it is. I was worried I was 'downgrading' to a lesser device by going to the Hero, but for me, its a BIG upgrade from a TG01. Oh, and I can make phone calls with it too.. ;)
  6. Thanks for the link and advice. Perhaps the 'nanotech sealer' from the same vendor might help repair the damage too. I'll give it a whirl. Cheers :) @xdalover - Thanks -an admittedly brief search for Martin Fields TG01 found only sellers in Singapore - do you know of any EU outlet? Must say the thicker Duratec looks like it might mask the impression in my screen better tho..
  7. I've had TG01 for a few weeks now. Its an amazing and great device for the Windows Mobile fan, once you ditch the bars interface (why Toshiba, why?) and install SPB Mobile Shell. However I have to say I've found the screen seems quite easy to damage - my 3 year old son put the phone in his mouth the other day while I was holding it and made an tooth mark impression on the corner of the screen. He was also been somewhat prone to doing similar things with my old TYTN II but I never had a similar issue with that screen (maybe it is better protected by the bezel). 'Luckily' the device had a battery fault and Orange customer services swapped it and the new replacement has worked perfectly. However my son seems to be in a particularly destructive (and agile) phase, and yesterday with the skill of an assasin, managed to climbed from a chair to a table and from there onto the kitchen work surface where I thought I had put the device safe and out of reach. Within milliseconds he had scribbled on the screen with a capped biro - no ink but left an impression mark deep into the centre of the screen :) Device still works fine but the impression is there to stay I think. I am going to try a screen protector to see if it masks the impression - however perhaps a screen protector shoud come standard with this device. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  8. I had the same issue with corrupted memory card with duplicate folders, boxes appearing in place of directory names and missing folders. Worst ws one of the missing folders was my DCIM folder containing all my photos. I do not believe its a memory card issue as this card had worked for 18months without a problem in my TYTN II. My hunch is that it was caused by switching the USB from Activesync to mass storage mode. Did anyone else here also use mass stroage mode? Less likely but possible causes is I experimented with Toshibas supplied cable for USB host mode and attached a USB memory stick. I noted that the files on the memory card were corrupted with the USB stick plugged in, but went back to normal when I unplugged and restarted the device...
  9. zone

    A2DP to FM transmitter

    Yes I find it strange these arent more popular but I guess they're also quite new. Initally I also thought the Venturi Mini was a bit pricey but once you played with it I do think that its money well spent, its actually brilliant value for what you get. To be honest while I've often installed the many decent multimedia players about in my PPC I still didn't regularly use my mobile for music. HOwver once you can get a good sounding output it makes it a completely new experince and tbh I find it quite strange now going back to a 'standard' mp3 player. Using the mobile is so much more convenient and the media player interface is far superior to any of my MP3 players.. (I must admit a secret lust for the iPod touch but no A2DP? no comment!) THe other advantage is my memory or lack of it- I (just about) always remember to carry my mobile with me, wheras other things only come with me if attached or stapled about my person!
  10. zone

    A2DP to FM transmitter

    Hi Bacus great review and I wholeheartedly agree as a proud owner myself of some weeks now. :D Interestingly its one of those devices that you quickly learn to rely on. I just leave it plugged in all the time and my PocketPC becomes connected to my car as I get in ready for incoming calls, music etc. Just assign a preset on the radio and thats it. As you say shame about windows mobile lack of support for the phonebook download feature, I cant get it to work with my pocketpc either. However I did find a think I workaround (edited as original post is not working 100%) if I can verify I will repost. I noticed this review on The Register which kind of agrees with us on the usefulness: http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/02/26/review_venturi_mini_in_car_fm_music_streamer/
  11. zone

    A2DP to FM transmitter

    I guess you can patch it togather cheaper with a bit of soldering but would you get the remote control over playback of music on the phone that the venturi gives? I'm also pretty fed up of the cables I've got hanging out of the glovebox that never quite seem to work right. The Venturi Mini seems a neater option! :D
  12. zone

    A2DP to FM transmitter

    My mate just got one of these today (hes had an order for a while too) its AWESOME. Ive been waitin to see how it sounds -just tried it in his car thjsi evening and I just soo want one!. Ive got wired iPod adaptor currently but controling music from your mobile over bluetooth is very cool and siounds way better. I've just ordered online Ill post back when I get it! :D)
  13. i connect using dial up too, i assume you made a new connection in data connections? if so select this in internet connection instead of leving it at automatic, and it should work. for the record i find the standard dialup to be pretty much the same speed as gprs just takes longer to connect. Posted from my SmartPhone!
  14. The latest commman.exe cured the inbox problem - everythings now working nicely. Inbox is transferring from phone with no problem including emails which previously arrived synced via activesync. Very well done! Thanks again for a superb and much needed app! P.s anyway in future you can integrate this functionality with outlook? :)
  15. Hey great work - nice app and really needed! Agreeing with post above requesting fix in the next version for SMS download issues - I found *I think* a similar bug to MMS being present in the inbox causing the sync to hang during SMS transfer. Any emails in my smartphone inbox cause the smartphone studio download sync to hang. I removed the emails from my smartphone inbox and the sync worked again fine. Put email in smartphone inbox again and the inbox transfer hangs again so perhaps there is an issue with non sms messages?

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