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  1. YMMV. I got a White and Blue S3. The white one looks MUCH better IMHO. Classier. I also have a regular Nexus 4. I won't be getting it in white. The same people who say white = Tacky would probably have had no issues buying the iPod back when it was ONLY available in white, or using a white MacBook laptop. The fact is that once you're given variety, it opens up the options for consumers. This is a good thing. Granted, white tech is not for everyone, but don't come out here and poo-poo on the tastes of those who have a little appreciation for something that doesn't work for you. It's kinda dickish :-)
  2. Mine arrives tomorrow. I pre-ordered from Google on announcement day and they've already shipped it and sent me the tracking info! I'm pretty sure a 10" device is in the works. This one is called the 'Nexus 7' for a reason after all (7-inches...duh). So a 'Nexus 10' can't be too far off. Especially with the rumors flying around that Google will be releasing 5 new 'Nexus' branded products by late October/early November; Purportedly in an attempt to steal the thunder from the new Apple iPhone (and iPad mini?) and the Windows Surface tablet and Windows 8 phones. Exciting times, brethren. Exciting times :)
  3. Any idea why some ROMs (mine is cooked) prevent contact images from being set? Does it have anything to do with online vs offline galleries? UPDATE - I've fixed my contact picture assignment issue. I don't like standing around waiting for people to work hard to fix an issue I might be able to fix myself. I'm not exactly sure what was causing the problem, so I went the 'scorched earth' route. I copied over the: contacts.apk, contactsprovider.apk and googlegallery.apk files from another Jelly Bean ROM to the 'system/app' directory after renaming the original files. I also changed permissons on the files and did a reboot into recovery and a dalvik-cache wipe and permissions fix to be on the safe side. And then rebooted with my fingers crossed. Aside from having to re-add the 'phone' and 'contacts' icons to the main system tray, I've seen no side-effects. On the plus side, I am now able to save cropped files as contact photos.
  4. Android doesn't have smart (or T9) dialing built-in. This will enable smart dialing on the device.
  5. I don't have this ROM. I use AOKP, but I believe WiFi Calling is built-into the mobile options. It's no longer an app in the app tray. Go into system settings and look under the mobile and wireless settings. I hope this helps.
  6. I'm a premium member and kitchen isn't letting me cook roms anymore. What's that about?
  7. Whatever happened to the new beta that was gonna come out last week? Change in plans? Just wondering
  8. Quick question. I've seen images of ICS ROMs with toggles in the notification area. How do I enable this feature? What do I need to install or customize in order to get it? Thanks much.
  9. Great ROM, but the DEV hasn't said anything about Google Voice and it's his right not to do so. I'm heading back to AHRD for now. Hopefully I'll jump back into MIUI when the dev fleshes some things out or an official port is out. Great job Trip. Keep your head up.
  10. Life is tough all around and we need to work together as a community. We've all been there. My father died last year. My girl just lost her cousin last month. He was 7 years old. It hurts to grieve, but life is for the living and we need to support each other. If we don't...then what do we have? Hang in their Trip. And try to understand that you've got people here who only want the best for you.
  11. Is anyone able to get 3rd party phone support working with Google Voice? No matter what options I select, the phone will not hand over making a call to GV. I make a lot of international calls, so this particular feature is essential to me :(
  12. The Sense based Kernel breaks bluetooth. The CM7 based kernel is great for bluetooth, but I get no radio service to function. Catch22.
  13. Also, I was using the AHRD Sensation XE ROM prior and as such, I have the _10.15.9035.02_2 Radio stil installed so I pushed the accompanying HTC RIL (2.2.0173HMQ) back to the device to improve my signal. This ROM comes with the 2.2.0159HMQ RIL by default. Any plans to update by default in future? Thanks :)
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