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  1. No problem. Forgot to mention, any CF-Kernel will do because this ROM "Include a customised version of CF-Root"
  2. Yes, just flash any CF-Root Kernel. Copy the baked ROM (.zip file) to the internal SD. Reboot in to Recovery (CWM) and go to install update from SD. Also best to do a factory reset from with CWM Recovery before installing.
  3. You have a valid point Alkymia. Paul did reply when he returend from his holidays and said GR6 is in development. A quick update would be nice. I've temporarliy jumped to the official ROM and when GR6 is released will come back. If not I hope my subscription gets me another custom ROM next year on another device :)
  4. I'd like a new ROM but I read and agreed to the above before subscribing so haven't complained. Polite requests for updates are OK but I don't understand the whining. I'm a long time member / lurker and even if we don't see another ROM I'll see my payment as a contribution for the site which has helped me a lot in the past. As for new ROM, we don't get changelogs so don't know for sure what's changed. All I see in the newer official ROMS are UI tweaks. I've already moved on to the official KI3 ROM, but that's only because I couldn't get Google Search to launch when holding the Menu button at home screen. Something I use a lot.
  5. I tried Leomar the other day. The kitchen app was nice and slick but I seemed to have issues applying some of the mods, e.g. 5 Dock Touchwiz. Also I chose no Samsung apps yet Samsung Email app plus others was still there. I prefer my ROMS to be stripped and minimal allowing me to add tweaks and mods myself, which is why I chose GR5.
  6. Thanks Paul Looking forward to it. GR5 is the best ROM I've used so far, won't be changing to any other ROM.
  7. Did you uncheck the Samsung calendar? Personally I would uncheck Google's calendar and clock and use the Samsung ones. They look better.
  8. Something muct be wrong with the payment process. I signed up for Adfree 2 weeks ago to use the kitchen my account was enabled immediately and that was late at night. It was automated. Maybe it's because Romain is a new user.
  9. Kitchen has gone from 190+ ROMS to 385 generated. Maybe they were all backed up and it's started working, Still 30+ ROMS queued
  10. Online kitchen seems to be broken. Number of builds waiting is going and number of completed builds is static
  11. The engadget video showed a guy holding down a key and others responding.
  12. A earlier preview I read said WP7 can sync with Google Calendar but only the main calendar. A fix was promised for launch. Paul, are you able to check shared Google Calendars can be synched please. If not, can it sync multiple Windows Live Calendars? The HD7 is exclusive to O2, right?
  13. On Friday they said they'll have stock on Monday. I called them every 2-3 hours today from 08:00. They had no stock in the morning and by the afternoon their computers were down right through to when their orders dept closed :D
  14. Slightly off topic. I installed the new official 1.93 HK Asian ROM which was released yesterday and TouchFlo 3D and the whole phone is much much more responsive now. I'll be sticking with TF3D now :D
  15. huwwatkins, did you get your phone today? Mine arrived just after 08:00 today incl the free Jawbone headset. Overall pleased with the phone but Touchflo takes some getting used to and is a bit slow at times. I'm going to replace it with Spb Mobile Shell if it doesn't improve after I've applied whatever tweaks I can find.
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