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  1. I'm wondering that is there any cab make start menu with big icon like stev 28014 rom here ? I try to changer icon but it's still small @@ Larger icon like this
  2. I don't have this problem, but it might occur when I turn on Plane mode, do HR if u can not fix it.
  3. Here is the link Sector's rom with these graphic above ( Build 23064 has blue theme like images above) If you wish to customize ur M2D pl have a look in this post For Taskbar theme, visit this topic ^^ have fun
  4. Thanks for that ^^ i really like ur rom but i feel it's not as smooth as Sector latest rom, kinetic scroling in SMS and Email ( sorry), I think ur rom would be perfect if this problem could be solved ^^ thanks again
  5. Yes, I have of course ^^, but I don't know how to enable kinetic scrolling in this rom so I go to sector thread and download FtouchL and it's work ^^ just install and reset, don't config anything >>> it's work
  6. Oh, my problem has been solved ^^ just easily install FtouchL and everything goes the right way ^^ thanks Ryrzy for this nice rom.
  7. Let try a Phone X icon soft alert and setting it to disable vibration when connected ^^
  8. Hi everybody,I'd just install this rom and it's great, but I don't know how to use kinetic scrolling in SMS and Email, it's freeze when scrolling and it's start to scroll with a tik tik sound like win 6.1 @@, unlike sector rom kinetic scrolling work fine. S.b help I really like this rom :)
  9. He is making a perfect rom, i guess or he is on holiday with girl friends and let us waiting for in hopeless :)
  10. I have a problem with weather update, when I update weather in home screen M2D there says " No weather data available" while it's work normally in weather tabs. Any one the same problem?
  11. My advice is changing this keyboard to Samsung keyboard, then go to input setting and change to English Using IMselector to set ur key by defaut
  12. Me too, While I'm waiting for his rom, I try the latest Sector rom, and it's great. Why don't u guy try this Sector's rom while we waiting for Stev rom ^^
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