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  1. I'm wondering that is there any cab make start menu with big icon like stev 28014 rom here ? I try to changer icon but it's still small @@ Larger icon like this
  2. I don't have this problem, but it might occur when I turn on Plane mode, do HR if u can not fix it.
  3. Either the rom in Polish or English?
  4. music_editor_9x


    Here is the link Sector's rom with these graphic above ( Build 23064 has blue theme like images above) If you wish to customize ur M2D pl have a look in this post For Taskbar theme, visit this topic ^^ have fun
  5. Thanks for that ^^ i really like ur rom but i feel it's not as smooth as Sector latest rom, kinetic scroling in SMS and Email ( sorry), I think ur rom would be perfect if this problem could be solved ^^ thanks again
  6. Yes, I have of course ^^, but I don't know how to enable kinetic scrolling in this rom so I go to sector thread and download FtouchL and it's work ^^ just install and reset, don't config anything >>> it's work
  7. Oh, my problem has been solved ^^ just easily install FtouchL and everything goes the right way ^^ thanks Ryrzy for this nice rom.
  8. Let try a Phone X icon soft alert and setting it to disable vibration when connected ^^
  9. Hi everybody,I'd just install this rom and it's great, but I don't know how to use kinetic scrolling in SMS and Email, it's freeze when scrolling and it's start to scroll with a tik tik sound like win 6.1 @@, unlike sector rom kinetic scrolling work fine. S.b help I really like this rom :)
  10. He is making a perfect rom, i guess or he is on holiday with girl friends and let us waiting for in hopeless :)
  11. I have a problem with weather update, when I update weather in home screen M2D there says " No weather data available" while it's work normally in weather tabs. Any one the same problem?
  12. music_editor_9x


    My friends and I like it so much. Thanks u !!!!
  13. My advice is changing this keyboard to Samsung keyboard, then go to input setting and change to English Using IMselector to set ur key by defaut
  14. music_editor_9x


    My Screen Now with Sector rom
  15. Me too, While I'm waiting for his rom, I try the latest Sector rom, and it's great. Why don't u guy try this Sector's rom while we waiting for Stev rom ^^

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