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  1. Good Job, Congratulations Paul. This procedure worked perfectly for the Eten M700 Glofish ... 1) 'pdocread-w-d FLASHDR-p Part02 0 0x0000000 Part02.raw' 2) 'imgfstodump part02.raw' but in this dump I don't have all the necessary information, like the registry of the WM6 or the programs pre-installed by Eten and I need it because my purpose to back up the WM6 is available in Brazilian Portuguese that is being asked for a lot of people and after ACER having bought the Eten Corp is not being possible to achieve, they are not giving support and can only be achieved the English ROM. My idea was to use the ROM in English and replace the entire dump with the version in Portuguese, but it will miss the registry and applications, any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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