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  1. Finally got around to updating to Ir5 last night - Superwipe, flash through Clockwork/ROM Manager, fastbooted the boot.img, all groovy. Only one slight problem - the People app isn't picking up any contact info or pictures from Facebook. Facebook app works fine. Friendstream picks up everything as it should. HTC Sense has been authorised by the FB app. I can share photos etc. through the 'Facebook for HTC Sense' option - all works fine, except the People app which isn't even picking up Facebook contacts as an option. The one thing I haven't done is check to find out if Facebook have altered the security permissions without notification AGAIN... failing that, any ideas? *** EDIT *** Ok - in 'even weirder news': I tried to restore a previous version (Ir2) from a ClockworkMod backup, because I couldn't remember if a restore also reflashes the boot.img (it doesn't). The phone bootlooped a few times, and I realised that the boot.img wasn't the right version. Ho-hum. Tried to do a restore to the version of Ir5 that I already had installed, which failed due to an MD5 checksum mismatch of all things. At this point, I figured I'd just reinstall from the basic ROM, but didn't do a SuperWipe this time, although i did clear out the Dalvik cache before I started, Rebooted, Android did the upgrade and optimisation thing, and is now working perfectly, with People-to-Facebook links intact. Bonzer. Still doesn't explain why it wasn't working following the clean install the first time though. Paul - don't know if you're still monitoring this thread, but if you are and want/need more info, let me know.
  2. Ah - so Clockwork isn't flashing the boot.img as part of the ROM build? Curses. Can't do that at work - not allowed ADB.
  3. Hmm. I've had an issue with the ir5 release - baked a custom version (which has done nothing more than removing one or two standard apps I don't use like 'Stocks', and remove the unused languages), and installed it on my phone which previously had ir2 running perfectly. Did a full 'SuperWipe' script clearout before install, and flashed the ROM through ClockworkMod. Phone went into a bootloop where it'd get as far as the HTC boot image, sit there for 10 secs or so, then restart. Nandroided back to ir2 for now. Any clues? Options.txt below. Your kitchen choices are shown below. a 11 2 3 115 5 7 134 46 8 9 10 13 121 14 128 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 12 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 34 36 37 40 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 49 51 52 53 54 57 58 62 63 65 66 123 4 72 125 126 73 74 81 127 136 135
  4. I did a full wipe and it seemed to fix it. To be fair I think it was less a ROM issue, and more the fact I restored all the apps and settings via Titanium Backup. Something was happening, because everything was syncing ok, but the device was running very hot, like it was syncing 100% of the time or something. Anyway, a full wipe sorted the issue, so it's not a kitchen / ROM problem that needs fixing.
  5. I updated to Ir2 on Sunday, and I've since noticed that my phone is absolutely hammering it's battery - I had to charge it four times yesterday. The battery stats suggest that Google Services had used 81% of the battery time. I'm going to try a fresh flash of Ir2 - I had previously simply re-flashed over the top of Ir1 - and will report back.
  6. I had this exact issue coming from the 'standard' O2 build when the phone was first released (think it was 1.26) on both MCR and ARHD. Easily fixed - I went back to stock and did an update check, and there were several updates which took me up to 1.29. Reflashing MCR after this, and it works perfectly (not strictly true - there are a few minor issues, but i think they're more based off the HTC source than anything Paul has done). I suspect Paul is correct, and that flashing the new boot.img should work. If not, try going back to stock and checking for updates.
  7. Yeah, I can, but it'll be tomorrow before I can do it. I'm at work at the mo and our machines are locked down so can't get ADB working. Will post it as soon as I can. *** EDIT *** Actually, I lie. Used aLogcat from Play Store, which has worked like a charm. Cleared the logs in aLogcat, closed it, opened the mail app, forced a sync, closed the mail app, went back to aLogcat, and filtered the output by 'mail'. The results are attached. Important note: I'd replied to one of the emails I'd gotten in the past day or so that wasn't previously showing up through the webmail interface. Once I'd replied, the Mail app picked up my response no problem. alogcat.2012-06-20-15-42-23+0100.txt
  8. Right then - on point 2) of this - I'm still playing around to find out what's going on, but today I got a phone call from someone asking if I'd gotten their email. I check the account through my phone and said I hadn't, but then when checking the webmail account, it turned out I had! Currently, I've got five emails from the last two days sat in my mailbox that I can see and read through webmail no problem, but NONE of which are showing up through the Mail app on my phone. The settings for the account are all correct (right server, username, SSL etc.) and the download options are set to pull down 'All' mail, but the phone is claiming that there is no new mail. At all. Anyone got any thoughts?
  9. 1. Cool - that's the right place. For reference for others, the file name is 'hTC_bootup_one.zip'. 2. It seemed to work OK in stock, but it's always been a bit temperamental. It seems to get notifications OK, but then just starts to misbehave. I noticed it previously, but just assumed I'd done something odd. I've only started structured testing of it today. I'm on MCR Ir1 still btw. 3. Epic. Stock was doing the same thing to be fair, as was ARHD, so it's not like this is purely an MCR issue. Paul - you're a legend. Many thanks.
  10. Paul, Some questions: 1) Where do we drop bootanimation.zip for customising the boot animations? I've tried in \data\local but it doesn't get picked up. 2) The HTC mail app seems to have difficulty in dealing with emails. It doesn't reliably pull down emails on my POP3 account - it is currently claiming I have no emails, after a manual sync, despite the fact when looking at the webmail portal for that account, I have several. It also refuses to pull down 'old' emails, no matter what i set the download options to (all, 30 days etc.) 3) Is it possible to add a setting where you can change the default text size in both the Mail and Messaging apps, and have them stay as what you set them to rather than them changing whenever you close and reopen the app? In Messaging, the text size keeps defaulting to 'Medium' no matter how many times I set it to 'Small'.
  11. Alright - one more quick question for now. if one wanted to install a custom boot animation on MCR, where would one install it to?
  12. Score! I've since rebuilt my HOX back to O2 stock, and discovered that there were not one but TWO OTA updates waiting for me, taking me all the way up to 1.29... Re-flashed CWM, re-baked MCR, ten minutes later I have a device that (seemingly) does as it's told!
  13. Ho hum. I'm sorry to say I've been forced by various little niggly issues to go back to the stock O2 ROM. This is most vexing. I was having a few issues with the phone crashing out when pulling data down over HSDPA, most notably in Maps/Navigation, which was particularly annoying on Friday when I wanted to use it to find out where i was headed for a job interview, but a reinstall of MCR after doing a full wipe from the O2 firmware seemed to fix that. What wasn't fixed however was the issue I was having with the ringtones as described in my post above - dropping the O2 firmware back onto my phone has fixed this issue straight away, no fuss, no muss. I don't know if this is something Paul can have a look at and try to get around (if he can / does, that'd be frickin' awesome as it means the O2 software can vanish!), but this was the only thing that wasn't working with MCR on an O2 branded phone.
  14. Curious behaviour: This isn't just something happening in the MCR, but again, as the MCR is what I'm currently using, here goes: Any idea why, when attempting to set a new ringtone as one of the device MP3s through Personalize, the phone crashes and restarts? As in you open the 'Personailze' app, click the 'Add' button which takes you to a list of MP3s, you select a track, then the phone hangs, crashes out and reboots. Thoughts? Dodgy device?
  15. This is more of a general question than a specific one, but as I'm going to be reinstalling MCR now Friendstream works, this is as good a place as any: Does anyone know if it's possible to fix the default text size in the messaging app to 'small'? It seems to default to 'medium', and you have to change it on a thread-by-thread basis, every single time you open either the app or a message. It's bloody annoying! *** EDIT *** As it turns out, the MCR seems to have fixed this issue by setting the default text size to 'Small' in the first place.
  16. Paul, Can't post the options.txt from the same ROM, as that's on my machine at work and I'm off until after the Jubilee now. Got the options.txt from the very first ROM I tried when this problem became apparent though, so I'll stick that one up. Your kitchen choices are shown below. a 11 1 2 3 115 5 6 7 46 8 9 10 13 121 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 12 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 32 33 34 36 37 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 57 58 62 64 65 123 4 72 125 126 73 74 75 81 127 102
  17. Paul, Yeah, got both of those in there. This is from an MCR build that I rebaked on the 28th. I am SURE that I had the options ticked in the kitchen, because I was going through an experimental phase with the ROMs, so I tried both MCR and DUO both with and without including the actual FB app to find out if the updated app was causing Friendstream some issues. I've included a screeny showing everything that's in /system/app. If you want me to drop a copy of the various ROMs I baked up on a filehosting site so you can have a prod at the actual ones that definitely don't work, let me know.
  18. Seagull81 - that's what I thought! None of my other HTC devices have ever touched the SD Card when I've been fiddling with them. Just wanted to double-check and be super-special sure before I claim it wans't my fault if they have gone missing for some reason!
  19. Afternoon knowledgable folk. I think I know the answer to this one, but if someone could answer it for my own piece of mind, I'd appreciate it. When you install the OTA ICS update for the Sensation XE, it shouldn't do anything to the SD card should it? I ask because I updated the GFs Sensation XE over the weekend, which went fine, but I didn't back up the SD card beforehand. She is now telling me that all the pictures have gone missing. I suspect that this may be an issue with a funny contact on the SD card, but as I don't have her phone to hand I can't be sure.
  20. Paul, While I was faffing with my phone at work yesterday (and mostly because I had my nandroid backup of the 'stock O2' software on my PC at home!), I figured I'd give ARHD from XDA-Developers a try, as it's based on the same source as the MCR so i wondered if it suffered from the same problems. This ROM doesn't have the FB/Friendstream issue, and worked straight away. This has the latest version of FB installed (1.9.3 I believe?), and isn't causing any problems. Checking the app list, that ROM too has the same 2 Friendstream apps listed, but also has 'Facebook for HTC Sense' listed as an app. This wasn't showing on the MCR. It is listed as version 4.0.2215172619.345324.334711. Not presuming to teach you to suck eggs or anything, but could it be a simple kitchen issue? The 'Facebook for Friendstream' option was definitely ticked when I baked the ROMs, so could it be that whatever code it is you've written to run the kitchen has just had a flag for these installed items pointing the wrong way? (ie. "if ticked then do not install" instead of "install if ticked"?) Of course, it might not be that. As ARHD isn't based strictly on stock the way MCR is, you have to do a full wipe and format of 'system' prior to install. I confess I haven't tried doing a full wipe and installing MCR again. (For reference for others - ARH is pretty decent as a ROM if you like things to look and feel pretty stock, much like the MCRs. The RAM optimisations seem to have worked, as in general use I struggle to have less than about 350Mb of free RAM, as opposed to about 270Mb on stock. That said, it still doesn't seem as smooth and fluid as MCR did for the brief period I was using it. Don't know which kernel Paul is using for MCR, but ARHD is based on Once Paul works out what the issue with Friendstream et all is, I will be moving back to MCR - I used one for just under 2 years on my Desire, and it never skipped a beat, hence I trust it. ARHD I'm happy to try, but I don't trust it anywhere near as much just yet.)
  21. Paul, I've done a touch more digging while looking at the Friendstream problem. Looking in the 'All apps' tabs, it appears as though there may be 2 versions of the 'Friend Stream' app installed. One is 320kB in size, and version 4.0.2215172631.353543.334711. One is 104kB in size, and version 4.0.2215172555.339938.331952. Could the problem be two versions of the app, one of which isn't compatible with the latest update/FB app/whatever? If two versions are running, might this just be 'confusing' the OS?
  22. Paul - just to let you know that this DUO ROM seems to be suffering from the same Friendstream problem as the MCR. I'm testing without the FB app baked-in, so will post and let people know if this is the problem as you suspect.
  23. Hmm. I've noticed a further issue with the MCR on my ONe X - it has suddenly developed an aversion to web-browsing in Dolphin HD over the HSDPA connection, and now simply restarts itself. Not sure if it is happening in the stock browser or not. I'm rebaking an MCR build to reinstall and check - with a bit of luck it'll turn out to be a hitch. If it has the same problem, i'll bake a DUO ROM and try that and report back. ***EDIT*** OK - rebaked the MCR, and still no joy at convincing the data to work over HSDPA. Trying to watch anything on YouTube just hangs for example. I'm going to go back to the DUO stock ROM for now. Hopefully this'll fix the Friendstream issue too. This time at least, Friendstream would let me log into a Flickr account - the fact I don't have one being only a minor inconvenience :D ***EDIT 2*** Right - the Friendstream issue does seem to be connected to the Facebook app update baked into the ROM, as Paul suspected. Just tried a DUO ROM with the FB app baked in, and Friendstream still isn't playing. Going to now try baking one WITHOUT the FB app and see if that works. ***EDIT 3*** Last edit on this one, I promise. I've just tried baking an MCR *WITHOUT* the FB app included to test to see if the Friendstream app would then work - it did not. Despite deselecting FB in the Kitchen, it was still installed with the ROM, and the Friendstream app has gone back to not allowing you to log into FB, so no contact information is pulled down. On that basis, I'm going back to my Nandroid backup from before the MCR went on. I'll be waiting with somewhat bated breath for Paul to fix this problem, as I have every confidence he will, so that I can get some fully-functional MCR-goodness on my phone!
  24. Now that's service! This is why I keep using MCRs! Thanks Paul. Also, I've just tried to change the boot animation from the stock HTC one - I've ADB pushed the new bootanimation.zip to /data/local, but it's not showing up. Not tried pushing it to /system/media yet, but that's where it should have installed to as an update.zip from CWM. Also, when you next revise the kitchen, it'd be awesome if you could add the option to remove the 'vibrate on startup' that the stock software does. Other than that, the ROM is everything I've come to expect from your work. Many thanks.
  25. Anyone else had issues with Friendstream - I kept it installed so that the contact pictures would correctly link, but it seems to be having difficulty. When I try to open Friendstream, it tells me I'm not connected to any networks, and do I want to? You hit 'Yes', then nothing happens. No login, no account settings, nothing. Thoughts? It's something of a pain in the backside, as now the People app isn't suggesting contact links. This is bothersome.
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