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  1. I would gladly accept your garbage so I will have two and you NONE! Mate, for your own sake calm down and let us know how did you do it!?
  2. Count me in as well! :) rodrigofd: US$ 50 dande: US$ 10 Lancez: US$ ? hameedx: US$ 15 iWiNMo: US$ 15 (US$ 40, if solve memory leaks and reserved RAM issue altogether, permanently and all-in-once-patch, needless to be upgraded/re-patched) Total offered: US$ 90 (US$ 115 if certain requirements met)
  3. We gonna need that damn half RAM right before WinMobile7 release, late next year! Then we will be able to flash our toys to WinMo7 exactly when HD2 is going to get it first due to its pre-qualification! Thanks for the news :)
  4. Flashed it to (Lite.v.2) my toy in less than 150 seconds. report back later on, thanks again :)
  5. I've been using it from its early version and works fine in all its three stages (most of the time, I got best result on level two!) BUT still I DO prefer SKTools' FreeUP RAM performance over HTC-CleanRAM
  6. iWiNMo

    ROM for Asian Countries?

    Where did you get your phone from!? Samsung Mob!le shop in malls or Greenhils!? I would say, most probably it gonna work like a charm! I have tried most of these ROMs and have not encountered any problem,yet! Before I wasn't paying much attention regarding Philippines Regional Settings availability on Secany's original ROMs (tbh, I tried once on "J" series and couldn't spot any, so set it to Singapore instead) but with Rodrigo's UltraLite (IK5) I can access Philippines (English) regional settings easily BUT again your toy should be compatible with all these ROMs (Official, Original & custom) that have been posted here in i8000.MoDaCo.com and it will be fully functional after flashing to either of them, as long as you follow the proper flashing procedure, step by step and without any rush!
  7. I guess you meant that you have used PHONE, Eboot & CSC parts of Secany's IL5 ROM plus Khuanchai's cooked PDA part in order to re-flash your O2 that's why you can't get those new IL5 style! How's your memory condition? Is it vanishing fast or not so!?
  8. I don't really think he was trying to disrespect Rodrigo, at least not deliberately, I would say he just got excited with lots of available choices of cooked ROMs compared to two months ago which were none! This is a PDA-ONLY ROM and you won't need others, specially eBoot and Phone parts! Thanks Khuanchai, I might try this one if I get enough time before this Christmas (while waiting to try RDF's 6.5.3 release as well!)
  9. iWiNMo

    New Rom?

    ASAIK, Only IJ9 (beside the one got released in Russia, I guess) is considered an i8000 official ROM and the rest are ORIGINAL Samsung ROMs which mean they are not tend to be released for/offered to the public/consumers but Samsung Service Center and other Samsung affiliates ONLY.
  10. Oops! I do have a 16GB and just checked to see if it has 32GB!? but unfortunately its 16GB only! @pad4651: If you bought your 2GB unit for ~US$500, then you have to do something (in favor of Samsung) about that extra ~US$1,500 that you owe them! ;)
  11. Ok guys, lets hope this one works but since I'm not a i920 user, therefore I have no idea regarding number of pre-installed keyboard/s on your devices, of course beside Swype! Here is what I usually do when am trying to change my default input, starting the SKTools then Input Methods> tap-n-hold on your preferred keyboard (i.e. Resco Keyboard) then from menu select Set as default> then softreset and that gonna be there for good!
  12. My bad, use ActiveSync or Resco File Explorere or Total Commander to copy that DLL file
  13. I hope you have already installed either of WinRar or WinZip or even 7-Zip on you PC! 0: Connect your Omnia II to your PC/Laptop,.. 1: Download attached files ( HTCSensorSDK.dll.rar) 2: Right click on HTCSensorSDK.dll.rar and select the appropriate command [i.e. Extract files (WinRar)] 3: Copy that file (Right click on file select COPY) 4: Go to the Windows directory of your Omnia II by using windows explorer 5: Right click somewhere blank in that directory and select PASTE 6: Softreset/reboot/restart/turn-it-OFF-then-ON your Omnia II 7: ;)

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