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  1. Guys, this recovery exploit was only for a few specific phones, mostly back in 2010. Don't use it randomly!
  2. A worst case scenario would be that the update.zip restore doesn't work. In that case, the update.zip could simply be unpacked into the backups folder, and they could then be batch restored from within Titanium Backup. The feature was designed in such a way that the update.zip really contains regular backups in the standard format, plus some metadata and that's it :-)
  3. Hi Albert, Could you try to set the "Apps processing mode" to "AUTO, Indirect" ?
  4. You can freeze the system app in TitaniumBackup, it should do the job :-)
  5. Do you see all other apps normally? This is very strange. Please try hitting the "Problems?" button just in case...
  6. Hi, The list doesn't auto-refresh yet. Did you try MENU -> Reload apps list?
  7. This problem should be history now. If anybody sees it again, please let me know. Thanks!
  8. If you have Android 1.5/1.6 this is normal. The fix I have added to handle the force close we're talking about, involves a workaround to prevent Android from downgrading the version of my database, if we install a lower version of Titanium Backup on top of a newer one. But unfortunately, that fix involves an Android 2.1-only method call, which crashes on Android 1.5/1.6. The next Market version will fix the Android 1.5/1.6 problem and then everything will be great :)
  9. A user sent me a zipped version of his /sdcard/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup folder and I looked at it. When Titanium Backup is newly installed, it attempts to grab its settings from the SD card (at the aforementioned location) if they exist there. Then, if the settings were saved by an older TB version, it upgrades them as necessary. It's a database. In this case, the database structure was already upgraded to version 2, but was still marked as version 1 for a mysterious reason. So the upgrade from v1 to v2 is attempted by TB, and it results in a FC. I have looked at the Android sources and I don't understand how this can happen. The DB schema upgrade and the version number marking are supposed to happen as a single transaction...
  10. Ok, thanks for your feedback! I'm glad this is resolved now :-)
  11. Hi, I would be interested to know whether you did one upgrade of Titanium Backup after another (as they appeared on the Market) without ever going back, or whether you downgraded Titanium Backup at one point. Upgrades of Titanium Backup should really be smooth, in every case, because its own databases (eg: schedules, custom labels, etc) get upgraded automatically when needed. However, downgrades are not really tested, and might cause problems. If you have any problem such as Titanium Backup not starting, and that problem is not resolved by un-installing and reinstall my app, it's probably because you have the "Auto sync settings to SD card" checkbox enabled, which makes a copy of the TB settings to /sdcard/data/com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup/. If you delete that directory, these issues shall disappear. That said, I'm really interested to hear about any un-smoothness that occurs when upgrading my app. I'm personally keeping all settings intact on every upgrade, and never had a problem. But as we know, different things can happen with different users :lol:
  12. Thank you for helping improve the quality of translations! By the way, when there is enough space, please don't shorten things too much. You can use the English or French language as a reference for the lengths B)
  13. In fact the length problem is serious. There are *3* choices. In English they are: "App+Data", "App only", "Data only". You can find when by sorting alphabetically A->Z. It's hard to make the text automatically wrap to the next line, it's one problem with Android layout. So I'm afraid you'd have to abbreviate the strings *a lot*. Well, at least the 3 strings must fit in landscape mode, otherwise the 3rd option is impossible to choose :lol: If you make modifications to the translation today, you can see the effects in the test build tomorrow. Thanks again !
  14. Hmm, yes indeed this is a "too long string" in the Greek translation. If you have a few minutes of your time, would you mind going to: http://crowdin.net/project/titanium-backup You can register (it's free) and shorten the string that is too long. If you want to be notified of translation updates, just follow @TitaniumBackup on twitter :lol:
  15. No, it won't download them for now. In case of SD card disaster, you need to download the whole folder to your pc and move it to the SD card. I'll work on that :-) The update.zip only contains the TitaniumBackup apk, for now. It's easy to include apps in an update.zip, but app data and market links are much more difficult. It's in the wish list however.
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