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  1. We'll miss you Thunder, I was just getting the hang of your ROMs. Let us know how the HD2 compares to your old Omnia Qwerty!
  2. just invent one of the same length as the FF one. I took one that looked like the other MAC address of the phone but one hexadecimal different.
  3. Check if your Wifi MAC address has changed to all FF and then here for a possible fix Wifi MAC address Worked for me after flashing deleted my MAC address. Jeroen
  4. It's always interesting for us flash-addicts ;-) But you're right, it looks like an improvement but it might be a better idea to wait for the next build. Thanks, Jeroen
  5. Hi Thunder I've been using the ROM successfully for a week now. Even the WiFi issues was resolved (turns out the MAC address had disappeared in one of the flashings). Will you be uploading a V2 like you did for German? Regards, Jeroen
  6. Thanks, trying now. Update: that did the job. Wifi still doesn't work, though. Thanks!
  7. I really don't understand it, but this one doesn't seem to work for me, either. It has terrible lag, and when in standby it doesn't wake up anymore.
  8. Hi Thunder, I downloaded the English one but it's all in German. It boots but doesn't get any further than that.
  9. Hi Daskalos Great news to see you implemented UC Portable, even easier for us serial flashers :) The link leads to a file that is currently unavailable, is it normal? Regards, Jeroen
  10. Thanks for the tip. I tried wifimonster a few days without luck. Maybe I´ll have more luck with the next build by Thunder?!
  11. Working just fine for me now! The only is Wifi still doesn´t go for me. Thanks again Thunder!
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