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  1. I have been running Floyo 1.1.9 for a little while (this is the latest, I have been running it from earlier builds) and it is improved a lot each time. the only issue is that ALK will NOT activate my copy of Copilot Live 8 anymore as I have activated it too many times with all these updates and rom switching...so be careful if you have something like this installed! Carl.
  2. I have a phone with same config as you, 8GB Class 6 card, lots of apps, including Co pilot V8, no problems, so it must be either a faulty sd card or some filesystem corruption on the phone itself. If you still have issues after a full wipe (thats everything including EXT), then you have a faulty handset and it will need restoring back to HTC former glory and sending back under warranty. :D PS If you do the restore back to stock using an RUU, use an early one....but be mindful, HTC may return the phone with the latest stock rom, and it so far has proved to be unrootable....although there are one or two claims to have rooted this stock version. :lol: HTH, Carl.
  3. There was a new radio released which works fine on Locked Orange UK handsets too... Carl.
  4. Hi Paul, Is this Youtube app the new version that was sent out on the initial part 1 update? Thanks, Carl.
  5. This isn't just mcr. I have vr 10 on my hero and fb contacts are downloaded, and u cannot edit them. Plus if they gave been entered incorrectly it overrides the proper number so you can't ring them. My only solution was to unlink the person from fb.
  6. Well now the AOSP sources have landed for 2.2 I am sure there will be loads of Rom Devs busily compiling 2.2 against the hero hardware drivers....wow, that would mean a working mic! ;)
  7. Just be cautious, they may return the phone pre-upgraded to a rom version making it very difficult to root in the future, so you may not be able to replace the custom rom. Flashing a new recovery image on the later versions is currently not possible, so keep an older RUU handy for future use.... Oh and definitely spare underpants ;) Carl.
  8. I have been getting these too, however, it appears that it is actually something in the message database, each time you turn off your phone, it reappears! And you just keep deleting it, and it reappears next boot...annoying.. and I don't know what is causing it... Carl.
  9. What happens if you try to update the phone using an early RUU update? Not the later one as this screws up the root process?? Does this find the phone?
  10. AFAIK the old version, simply stopped working for Radio and Video and now has been desupported/removed from the market.
  11. I tried to install VillainRom 10 based on this release, and I was stuck boot-looping on the quietly brilliant screen, and tried all manner of wipes, eventually went back to MCR 3.2 and it worked first time....and this rom is effectively based on the same release as VR10, so I guess the problem is widespread. I am actually going to hold out for the EU release of the 2.1 update I read somewhere this is June 24th? and hope the corresponding radio image is ok to use for Orange UK. Incidentally what is the best place to use for an HTC unlock code? Carl.
  12. I am hoping that it has the latest radio that works correctly on Orange UK unlocked... :-) Carl.
  13. I wonder if we would be better waiting for an official EU version of the new ROM, we have waited long enough... Bearing in mind radio issues with the Asian rom that has been released, I am on Orange UK unlocked and the new radio does not work for me (as already discussed elsewhere), but apparently the newer radios have better stability, so I guess we need to see what radio version is released with the EU 2.1 update. Carl.
  14. Hi Paul, I flashed the released radio from this HTC official version earlier, and my network was locked, so I had to revert back to the previous. Is this radio on your release, suitable for UK GSM use? I am on the Orange network. Cheers, Carl.
  15. I flashed the new radio, then got a "Network Locked!" message and couldn't use the phone, so dont flash this image yet! Carl.
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