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  1. Hi Alvin Ya I did check tat the HSDPA was enable and as for the band selection i put my to auto rite? Comparing my Omnia 2 wif my fren who is holding on a Omnia 1 with the same ISP. He is like getting HSDPA connectation by defult unlike my nv seem to make before. I was wondering could it b the ROM issue? I flashed my to Gray ulta Lite ROM. Spec are as follow PDA: NXXJD4(Gray's) CSC: XSOJA(Singapore oranigal Rom) Phone: DXIJ1(Singapore oranigal Rom) Please advise.. Thxs alot in adv
  2. U used the HSDPA with Omnia 2? if u did, do u rember where u get the setting?
  3. Hi Guys, Cmon guys 0 reply? any wrong with my question? I just like to check: have anyone use HSDPA on Omnia 2 with ISP Singtel before? I believe the phone have the funcation but seem like the ISP doesn't support it? Can the camera of Omnia 2 be removed?
  4. Hi Gary, Really a great job done! Congartz to you. But I think i found a bug.. I setup my 2 email account one for my work and personal afterwhich i notices that when i received a SMS. I can only view the preview on the today screen. When i hit the window key and go in menu, Select message, The SMS isn't there. not even in the delete bin. Also in the Notifications header i have 2 Text Messages. Added I try to do a hard reset by holding the vol up, lock key den both call key. but the problem still occurs. This is my system I'm not sure if i done it correctly but I'm open to advise. PAD:NXXJAC1 CSC:XSOIJ2 Phone:DXIJ1 Alway, Thanks
  5. @taril Great Job man! No problem for me at all.. Thanks for the work!
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