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  1. If both software said your file was corrupted, then it's really corrupted. Download it again and you can open it with WinRAR.
  2. Yes, I am using it on my WM6.1 ROM. But I believe you should copy all PNG files with prefix "Start_" into Windows folder. From my experiment, the lack of those PNG files may cause icon disappeared in Mainmenu. But this is not a conclusion.
  3. Enter the engineering mode, then you can find "internal" item and BT Mac address is under it. You can change to anything you want.
  4. Seems direct flash through EXE file will delete the contents of "My Storage”. But I am not sure about this version, jsut a reminding.
  5. Maybe I didn't mention clearly. I want to use WM6.1 XIP and SYS, only the applications (OEM) from JC1(WM6.5 Build 21892 CHT). So I image I can do it through two ways: 1: Cook JC1 ROM by insert WM6.1 XIP and SYS 2: Cook a WM6.1 ROM and importing JC1 OEM folder. I tried the 2nd method already, a big mess regarding the applications behaviour. But at least the phone can boot up. Now I am talking about the method 1. <_<
  6. I want to use WM6.1(IJ1_CHT) Builds with the newest JC1(CHT) OEM. Here are the attachments. SYS_JC1.rar SYS_IJ1.rar
  7. Hi, Wes. I am following the steps: - When ExtReloc starts you do: - - Press "Open ROMHDD+.VM+.ROM" button - - Press "Import XIPPort" and xipport.exe starts - - Press "ReallocV" in extreloc. On the Debug tab, you should get on the log list no errors. - - Go to xipport screen and press "realoc P". Press "write maps" in xipport - - Go to extreloc and double click on "physlast" number - - Press "Realloc NK.EXE,GIISR.DDL,etc" button. On the Debug tab, you should get on the log list no errors. - - Go to xipport and press "realloc P" again. Xip is now reallocated. - - You can press in extreloc "Save ROMHDR+.VM+.ROM", but I think it does it automatically. - - In extreloc drag the vertical white line to the left and press "Realloc IMGFS modules". On the Debug tab, you should get on the log list no errors. - - Press "Save .VM and .ROM". Close extreloc - Build of PDA should continue and you should get a new pda file At step1, I got the error message: .VM or .ROM don not correspond to Version 6.1. Change Version on page "Options". I selected the WM6.1 in "Option" page in ExtReloc as per your recommendation. And my purpose is to build a WM6.1 ROM with the newest OEM applications. How to continue, please advise.
  8. Thanks for the reminding, I will try accordingly.
  9. Hi, Wes Thanks again for your great tool. One question regarding the XIP port, most of us is talking about porting new 6.5.x XIP into existing Samsung builds, but is it ok to port WM6.1 XIP just by following your steps? Why I ask this question is after readed Da_G's post of Virtual Memory session, I noticed the different way to handle VM in WM6.5 and WM6.1. (Read a whole day and is almost getting lost:P) PS: since your tool had upgraded to V2.0.3, are the steps still same as before you stated?
  10. Hi, Sinan Could you upload to Rapidshare site? Both Mediafire and 4Share are blocked in China. Or anybody who downloaded can help to upload to a mirror site? Thx
  11. Hi, Wes, your calculation sounds correct. But I found strange thing is, before I flashing JA3(WWE), the RAM is 139M. After that, became 144M as you mentioned. But even I flash others version with PP size 20MB(read out by your tool), the RAM is still 144M instead of 139M. So I believe the result 144MB from Samsung should not via PP size changing but others way (properly reserved partition and defined by eboot?). If my assumption is right, then I think I should gain 12MB more instead of 7MB. What do you think?
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