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  1. I have a Omnia 2 that's stuck on language setup after I initiated a change of language. I can't get hardreset to work as it go right back to the language setup. I have done hardreset many times before but this time I'm totally lost on how do actually get it to hardreset (the hardreset key combo don't make it hardreset...). Any help is much appreciated :mellow:
  2. Using the SD card install package released 2011-02-11 and Gen.Y Dualboot i don't seem to get the sdcard folder on the ext2 partition to mount in Android. The following error message is shown in Android, Error title: "Damaged SD card" Error text: "SD card damaged. You may have to reformat it." As the SD Card is a folder and not the real SD card it's not a partition error, everything in android works fine and I've rooted it. Is there any way to get this to mount? Been looking at the vold configuration but not sure where to look as some settings is in the kernel and I'm a total Adroid n00b :huh: Best regards and thanks devs for a super job so far :)
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