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  1. I found a .cab file dated 6-Aug-07. Not sure what version it is as I'm not close to my Smaprthpone at the moment. is this newer than what you have?
  2. The latest version is usually found here. This was my preferred alarm program, but the lack of updates and attention make it less appealing. ;)
  3. scottb


    Sure, there are several. Vieka Wordpad is free. Orneta Notepad and Osymo Text Editor are two others.
  4. If you're talking about the icon bar on the home screen, you need to add the following statement to either the icon bar plug-in or the defaults section of your home screen xml: bgcolor="transparent"
  5. It worked fine for me using a Motorola Qwith WM5.
  6. This browser is quite sluggish on my Moto Q, but it does seem to show some promise. I'll track its development to see what it offers in future releases.
  7. Actually, the colors are stored in the Registry for black. These values get written to the Registry:
  8. The clock is in the pictures--it is 19:48 and 19:46.
  9. Add this plug-in to your home screen xml to display missed calls: Missed calls: The height controls how much of the screen it takes up. You don't have to specify a background image if you don't have one. Make this the first plug-in fi you want it to take up the entire screen.
  10. Outlook Web Access doesn't require a client application, only a browser. I don't know if Pocket IE can handle it, but if your company has OMA (Outlook Mobile Access) set up, you should be fine.
  11. Beta 3 was released yesterday--getting close to first official release.
  12. COLOR_BTNTEXT won't change the soft key button colors to exactly what you want. You have to use the registy to set those. HKCU\ControlPanel\Home. Create a new value with your home screen name and use the follwing color settings. COLOR_SOFTKEYBTNFACE COLOR_SOFTKEYBTNTEXT COLOR_SOFTKEYBTNTEXT_HIGHLIGHT COLOR_SOFTKEYFLATCENTER COLOR_TITLEFLATCENTER COLOR_TITLEFLATDONEBTN Best thing is to grab a home screen that already does this and use its registry settings to get what you need.
  13. I am referring to the unread message alert that sounds about every 10 minutes or so.
  14. By default (at least on my device) the cab file does not get deleted. If your does, you can always make a copy of it and run the copy.
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