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  1. Hi, I am experiencing that the Qtek 8310 is very quick low on memory. It seems that there is a lot of software installed by default which consumes quite a bit of memory. How can I clear up some memory without loosing basic functionality. If anyone knows how to install basis software on the memory card, I would be happy too. PDAHazzard
  2. By accident I found out that either: = it doesn't = my c500 doesn't = my c500 doesn't because of a setting I am not aware off. I remeber thought that I have never set date and time before on my c500. So I am pretty puzzled too...
  3. Hi, Since four days my c500 suddenly has become unusable for making and taking calls, because there is a terible noise disturbing normal conversation. This noise sounds like having your GSM next to a FM-receiver or a speaker and is louder than the normal sound in conversation. I have a feeling that some sort of shield normaly preventing this kind of interferention is broken. Has anyone any ideas on what is going on? Oh BTW: when switched to speakerphone mode, the sound is nog hearable, thought I am not good hearable for the receiving party, who has still the same horible sound.. Regards, Martin
  4. Symantec is not a real frontline player in the mobile AV market. I'd rather believe F-Secure, when it comes to Mobile AV, as they have developped much earlier AND own AV software for both PDA's and smartphones.
  5. In retrospect to your last comment, I am wondering (and searching) if there is a descent SIM manager wich can help me choose which data should be send to the SIM instead everything until full. If there is a SIM manager which works on the attached PC directly on the SIM installed in the phone (c500) I would be helped even further. I searched for a whole week now on the internet, but didn't found such a program. Maybe my louzy english beholds me of using the right search word combinations... Regards, Martin
  6. Can anyone please inform me if I can use this update on my Orange SPV c500 bought in the Netherlands as well? :?: :roll: Regards, Martin
  7. Hello all, As it seems that people hear a tss-sound every 10-14 seconds, I think that it is interference with transmitting and receiving GSM polling information. The phone is communicating every 10-15 seconds to let the network know if and where it resides within the network. The fact that some people have it and some not can be explained by either deafness of certain lads :wink: , or and that is more likely: the quality of connection to the gsm-network. the weaker, the more energy is needed to get information to the network, and that might result in more (hearable) interference, when listening. To have this straigtend out, could you guys please tell wether you have a good or bad strength of signal, in relation to the tss-sound? Anyone (dis)agree? Regards,
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