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  1. I've been having weird contact syncing issues with a couple of these roms... some contacts won't show at all, or will only show an e-mail address with no phone number etc. Doesn't seem to matter which 'view' options I check. Villain 3.1 works fine for me, but Villain 3.4 and BeHero (tried a couple of versions) both had similar issues with contacts. Anyone else?
  2. Lots of 2.1 rom releases, but what's the difference between them? Features, performance etc. ANDROID 2.1 ERIS ROM LIST (Updated: 8/3/10) BeHero - http://htcpedia.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2196 Villain - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=622468 raidroid - http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...port-optimized/ Clean Eris4Hero (Lox) - http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-hero...is4hero-by-lox/ Defiance - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=643204 HeroDroid - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=641786 Which are you running and why?
  3. Don't waste your time on this... 7 solid minutes of bootscreen and a little bit of the standard phone setup, with 2 seconds of footage at the end. (Thankfully I skipped forward!) EDIT: New link posted, this looks like the right footage now!
  4. I don't know... it depends whether they're playing a long or short game. I've supposedly bought a modern smartphone. Because it's relatively sophisticated I do have the sorts of expectations I'd have of a desktop OS. Software updates (at least for the length of the contract) being one of the things that are starting to differentiate a smartphone from a 'feature phone'. iPhone established this expectation and Palm confirmed it. Look at how pissed iPod Touch users were to have to pay for iPhone OS 3.0. Part of the premium you pay when you buy the phone is the promise of future updates. If there's one thing that's put me off the Android platform, it's a phone that's less than 6 months old and was billed as a flagship being left out in the cold. My current phone may not generate HTC any more revenue, but whether I choose an HTC phone next time and the time after that will.
  5. +1 for inclusion in MCR Been using it for the past 24 hours and my Hero is fast + smooth.
  6. I'm still getting probs... have phoned Tech Support today and will be doing the 5 examples thing. Anyone else willing to help?
  7. Odd issue with 3.1... - Had MCR 3.0 with A2SD and lots of installed apps - Wiped + Flashed to 3.1 - Most of my apps seem to be there automatically and working fine, but a few show in menus as com.whatever. and have the same little generic white icon next to em? Anyone else? Edit: by the way, great work Paul thanks v. much! Definitely smoother experience all round :)
  8. On Startup: 60mb free... post Taskiller: 100mb free After some time: Approx 20mb free post Taskiller: Approx 40mb-60mb free Where does the ram go over time I wonder?
  9. Anyone made any progress on this issue yet with T-Mob? This is particularly bad when I'm out and about - the phone doesn't properly handle switching between different cell sites and doesn't seem to re-connect to the data network, so I end up just giving up. Really annoying for Spotify!
  10. Chivallry I'm on T-Mob UK and I get this as well. Seems especially problematic when out and about (i.e. walking / bus / tube), though it can complain there's no network access even when I'm just indoors at home, and there the signal is 4-5 bars generally. I've had issues with different versions of the rom (both MCR and stock) and radio firmware, and have wiped in-between before. If you get this resolved with T-Mob please share!
  11. This is the right section - the 'G2' name is confusing as the US HTC Magic phones were also labelled G2 etc., but in the UK the G2 Touch is definitely 100% an HTC Hero with a T-Mobile logo at the top of the screen! I've got a G2 Touch and I also didn't have Google Voice in the UK app store on any rom (stock or MCR). The only reason I have it on my phone is cos it was installed with MCR 2.9. I know that doesn't strictly answer your question, but at least confirms that it's not just you.
  12. Thanks to both... make sense!
  13. What exactly is Partial Wake Usage? What states should the phone ordinarily be in? I seem to have massive Partial Wake Usage with MyBackup Pro :)
  14. The radio handles your phone's communication with the cellular network - basically any phone call, text message, or data. So yes that would affect your 3g web browsing. I believe the WiFi uses a separate chip. It's slightly more complicated than that though - the radio is part of the whole system, and how well the system and radio roms talk to each other is important. You might find that certain combinations of rom + radio work well together and others don't. I also have a T-Mobile G2 w/ web'n'walk access. I've come from stock 2.73.405.5 rom and EU radio straight to MCR 2.9 with latest IU radio and have noticed a significant improvement both in signal quality and data/3g performance. I skipped the FU radio as several people reported probs.
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