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  1. Even if you just paint the LCD lens frame, the warranty is void.
  2. Slightly used ORIG HTC stereo handsfree/headset for SAP/XDA/XDA2 Good as new. bought at SMART wireless center. PM me your offers. :) Copy 1 of NatsT610(1).jpg
  3. @rodnav, Balik T68i muna siya. There's no phone as of the moment na maganda e. Hintay muna. As for the P900, dehins na rin. Ang mahal e. hehe... :) I'll probably stick with my T610 and wait for a megapixel-capable camera phone.
  4. si kap hepe yan ng presinto ng pulisya. :)
  5. check in the Buy and Sell thread, someone's selling a gray-market unit there.
  6. grifter

    Warm Keypad

    guys, kindly continue the discussion in the Brightpoint thread. baka magiging redundant eh. thanks.
  7. locked as I agree with the Kap that this thread is going nowhere.
  8. Dude, what you're asking for is illegal and modaco.com strictly prohibits it. Please read the forum rules here -- http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=1181 Please don't bring up this issue again.
  9. hmm... I don't think EDGE would be much of a big deal. It's only 2.75G. Besides, statistics show that only a bite-sized portion of the cellphone-wielding public is using GPRS as of the moment. Wait till they finally launch 3G, mobile video-conferencing capability! woohoo!
  10. yup. 2 days max is good. my ex-SAP had an average life of 36 hrs only.
  11. you have to manualy input the settings. go to the 'how-to' thread for the instructions.
  12. @sonborj, I was comparing it with the Voyager, not the Tanager (SAP). With regards to the Symbian vs MSFT issue, well, it's just like comparing PC to MAC. It's all just a matter of preference. As for the software availability, I think there are quite a lot of Symbian software available, I've seen a lot of freeware apps, games, etc.
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