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  1. grifter

    PAINT JOB!!!

    Even if you just paint the LCD lens frame, the warranty is void.
  2. grifter

    Tambayan Thread

    hello everyone! musta na?
  3. grifter

    BUY & SELL Thread

    Slightly used ORIG HTC stereo handsfree/headset for SAP/XDA/XDA2 Good as new. bought at SMART wireless center. PM me your offers. :) Copy 1 of NatsT610(1).jpg
  4. grifter

    BUY & SELL Thread

    @rodnav, Balik T68i muna siya. There's no phone as of the moment na maganda e. Hintay muna. As for the P900, dehins na rin. Ang mahal e. hehe... :) I'll probably stick with my T610 and wait for a megapixel-capable camera phone.
  5. grifter

    Tambayan Thread

    si kap hepe yan ng presinto ng pulisya. :)
  6. grifter

    holy cow! Hot new PocketPC Phone out of China

    Hmmm.. Doesn't look to sturdy to me.
  7. grifter

    SPV E200 availability...

    check in the Buy and Sell thread, someone's selling a gray-market unit there.
  8. grifter

    Warm Keypad

    guys, kindly continue the discussion in the Brightpoint thread. baka magiging redundant eh. thanks.
  9. grifter

    can i ask a favor?

    locked as I agree with the Kap that this thread is going nowhere.
  10. grifter

    games and apps...

    Dude, what you're asking for is illegal and modaco.com strictly prohibits it. Please read the forum rules here -- http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=1181 Please don't bring up this issue again.
  11. grifter

    Pinoy Photo Album -- share your (SAP) photos here!

    Merry Christmas guys! parol.jpg
  12. grifter

    EDGE on new smartphones?

    hmm... I don't think EDGE would be much of a big deal. It's only 2.75G. Besides, statistics show that only a bite-sized portion of the cellphone-wielding public is using GPRS as of the moment. Wait till they finally launch 3G, mobile video-conferencing capability! woohoo!
  13. grifter

    battery life from different ROM versions

    yup. 2 days max is good. my ex-SAP had an average life of 36 hrs only.
  14. grifter

    MMS and GPRS problem!!!

    you have to manualy input the settings. go to the 'how-to' thread for the instructions.
  15. @sonborj, I was comparing it with the Voyager, not the Tanager (SAP). With regards to the Symbian vs MSFT issue, well, it's just like comparing PC to MAC. It's all just a matter of preference. As for the software availability, I think there are quite a lot of Symbian software available, I've seen a lot of freeware apps, games, etc.

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