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  1. Given my recent posts on being fed up with ppc touch screen, any news on new smartphones.... I thought ... yeah!! my prayers have been answered. However not only does this thing look ugly... it is sooooo huge!!! Why oh why can't they (htc and others) produce a normal size phone 100mm - 108mm x 44mm - 48mm x 15mm - 18mm !!! Oh well... still using my C600... and loving it Cheers T
  2. Anyone up to date on what HTC or the like will be bringing out soon - smartphone based (i.e has a keypad below the screen). I am back using my C600 as I have had it with ppc touch screens! Thanks in advance Cheers
  3. trevormuk

    Some questions

    About to upgrade my main laptop, but having done an audit on what I actually use it for, I am moving towards travelling with one of these netbooks, and keeping a main base station at the office (and syncing every time I am at the base) It would appear from reading the board, the Advent 4211 is the favoured model at the moment. I do have some questions which I have not been able to find answers to .. Upgrade of the memory and HDD is mentioned. Is the memory normal laptop sticks, and after opening the netbook case can it be installed easily (i.e there is no sodlering requried). HDD upgrade - again is this normal 2.5" laptop drive, and simply plug and play? I understand the 4211 arrives with XP, however is it possible to instal Vista (basic home) - with full support for all functions. I understand there is some difficulty with the OSX system - in particular wifi. I see the Eee has difficulty in taking Vista.. is the 4211 ok? Will Office operate normally on this machine ... or will it be painfully slow? Using the machine to watch movies etc. is the performance smooth, and output to TV possible? Many thanks in advance Best wishes
  4. trevormuk

    I'm a crazy fool!

    Thanks chaps ... Have not considered the devices you mentioned... so I will have a close look before I potentially move to the dark side!!! Cheers T
  5. Ok so I have finally worked out what I have been doing wrong for the last couple of years, when it comes to my choice of mobile. Touch screen Pocket PC in a word or 2! Please allow me to unburden myself! I have really been struggling to enjoy the HTC Diamond as an actual phone. Ok, the bells and whistles are great, but most of the time I am trying to use it as a phone. So as it happens my significant other lost her mobile a week ago, so to keep her going I loaned my old SPV C600. In the course of normal day to day stuff I have been using it as well, and I must say I have been overjoyed at the simplicity of the interface, the reall keypad and the compact size/form factor. This got me thinking why I have been moving around so many phones in the last couple of years - M500, M700, HTC Touch, HTC Diamond. The only thing I can think is I have been blinded by the bells and whistles of a touch screen device, but have forgotten that my main purpose of use is a phone, and when it comes to it, without a real keypad, the touch screen arrangment for the phone doesn't work (for me anyway!) So my conclusion is I am ditching the touch screen ppc device, and reverting to a "normal" phone. At the moment I can't see any Winmo device which comes close to the compactness of the old C600.... so it is either revert to the old or see what is available on non winmo platform - as long as I remember not to be blinded by the frilly bits ... Thanks for reading... I feel better! Cheers T
  6. trevormuk

    LED notification

    Thank you very much .... Shame there is no led ...especially when charging. Cheers
  7. trevormuk

    LED notification

    Anyone else having problems witht the small LED in the earpiece? Mine does not seem to be working at all.. is there a menu option to switch it on/off? Could this be one of the bugs being fixed? Thanks
  8. I can tell you now that it is not possible to register your product on the HTC site. I have just tried, but the site does not recognise the S/N. Have contacted Expansys, T-Mobile and Trading Standards!!
  9. trevormuk

    In stock or not?

    Thanks for that .. confirms that there may be have been a delay with setting up my t-mobile contract. Ordered at 10.30am this morning.. not dispatched today :( I wish they would communciate to lety ou know what is hapenning. Cheers
  10. trevormuk

    In stock or not?

    Expansys are showing as in stock ... however I have noticed that since yesterday the available stock figure has actually been increasing and decreasing quite considerably. So my question would be do they actually physically have the stock, or are they pre-selling? Cheers
  11. trevormuk

    Orange Push Email

    I pay a monthly fee (forget how much it is ... but the monthly data amount is quite low .. but sufficient for my needs) Coming to the end of my time with orange... and will be going back to vodafone (with them for years and years.. until I decided to try orange for 12 months!) HTH T
  12. trevormuk

    Orange Push Email

    I have push email setup on my Touch ...with Orange data I have the settings so I only receive email headers, and then only receive the messages I want. My data usage is very low... certainly nowhere near the cap.. Hope this helps T
  13. Looking around the web for suitable deals... it's not a pretty picture!! I know it is not released yet, but where do they get their prices from? £35 per month - 18month contract PLUS £239.95 Madness - I can only think they would prefer you to buy it sim-free Cheers T
  14. Cheers ... it is slightly odd that they don't include some form of expansion. Even at 4Gb this will be more than adequate for me.. I am now reviewing my option of changing to Symbian when the new Sony Ericsson G900 is launched ... the Diamond looks very attractive. CHeers T
  15. Although the Diamond does not ahve a microSD slot, am I correct in thinking it has 8Gb of built in memory? Cheers

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