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  1. Hi everyone! I've had this good little device for a year now and I'm after squeezing some extra power out of this device. I've been a fan of Cyanogen Mod for a while and the ROM on the Fusion 5 108 just seems a bit sluggish in parts. I use it mostly for viewing PDFs with occasional video streaming and some games like Ingress. Oddly, its sluggish sometimes on the PDF viewing. Any ideas on mods and ROMs that might help? Is the Fusion5 known as something else which might suddenly reveal more options? A quick Google doesn't turn up much definite info. All help massively appreciated to squeeze some more power out of this rather nice underdog device.
  2. ChromeNewt

    Home upgrading the rom to counter issues

    Smashing! Part of the issue was the original protective screen which I suspect isn't suppossed to be used beyond intial purchase transit. It's a good bit better now. If you need someone to help / test the roms then let me know. New to the making of Roms but enthusiastic. :)
  3. Hi all I've been using my Andy pad pro for a few days now and I have mixed feelings. On the one hand I can tell the guts inside it have potential. Games run well. On the other hand typing is so very laggy, and requiring me to type with one finger at 2 characters a second or it skips. Browsing is like doing so through treacle. And the original purpose was as a book reader to replace my hordes of rpg rule books into one convenient slate. Very laggy indeed. Now I had the same when I got my orange San Francisco / zte blade, but after the cyanogen rom it became my favourite device of all time. With the recent backlash regarding the gapps will this result in less of a community developing around it? Should I return it now or show support and stick with it? I'm no coward, but I'm no idiot either and the views of the fellow forum members have never failed me since they got my old samsung omnia working at an acceptable level. It looks like it has the guts but the rom isn't optimised for the job. It's taken me 20 minutes typing this which would take about 2 on my phone. Is there plans for a new rom, and how much genuine support does the APP got from you all?
  4. ChromeNewt

    Andypad Pro ROM (30-Aug-2011)

    For the purposes of giving this a try I was going to flash this using ROM Manager. It asks me however for the device name to install clockworkmod recovery. Is there another device I can use from the list as the Andypad pre isn't listed? I'm probably what most would consider a dangerous n00b because I think I'm relatively competent but likely to make daft mistakes. :)
  5. Ah, that would explain it then. Sorry about the late reply btw. I'll take a look at that.
  6. Hi folks. I have a bit of an issue which I'm scratching my head with. Since the white notification bar seems to be burning into the screen I decided I really need to change that to a black or at least a darker colour. Cyanogen mod seems to do that according to the description, so off I toddle and using ROM Manager I download and try to apply it. I do backups etc but when the ROM is applied I get the repeating load up screen at best, at worst when I try to apply the ROM or use the power+down volume key the android logo seems to de-rez and then go straight into a normal boot, sans Cyanogen. Any ideas? For consideration, I haven't wiped the cache since I've not got much confidence (yet) with this. I've flashed the phone with the very old first method, not ROM manager, with the Modaco ROM. It's Gen1 AFAIK since I bought it back in October. Please help me save the screen on it. I love this phone dearly. :unsure:
  7. I've been having some real issues changing the typeface/font on my beloved Bla...*ahem* Orange Sanfrancisco. I paid for the "Handel Gothic" font on the marketplace after seeing it on my bro's Samsung Galaxy but got no option to change the font, nor did it seem to download anywhere. I tried copying some Truetype fonts to my phone but (assuming I'm doing this correctly) it says I lack permissions to copy them to \system\fonts. I have the r4 modaco rom and it's also been rooted using universal androot. I have the superuser icon in my apps drawer so I'm a bit stumped what I'm doing wrong here. I also did a search on the forums for a thread describing this already but either my search-fu is lacking or there isn't a thread for it (I suspect the former, mind). :D Am I missing something obvious? Help earns immense gratitude and a wi-five. :P
  8. ChromeNewt

    Removing rear cover

    As someone at the receiving end of sarcasm on this very forum (well, another part of it) I can honestly say that patience is very well appreciated, even if it ends up being a stupid question. We all have brain farts (me more than usual) and normally I ask after attempting a search first but finding nothing (which might be due to speeeling something wrong in the search box, pun intended). I approve of the quoted comment, the author and an abundance of patience towards the "intellectually intermitant". :)
  9. ChromeNewt

    Best customising app/widgets?

    I ended up having to use my desktop PC to buy it. You get a confirmation email with an activation code. Fire up Launcher Pro and hit the menu button. Somewhere there is an option to input your code. Stick it in there and hey presto. :)
  10. ChromeNewt

    Source for spare batteries?

    I like your thinking! What would also be good is a back cover that was a little more reassuring to remove/attach. "Mag" eject button would be awesome. ;D Not sure what you're doing here but I get a full day using Cube player and playing with wifi/gps on and off. If I'm good then I get an entire weekend out of it. Have you tried JuiceProtector? According to its own stats I'm getting x2.3 battery life out of it. It certainly seems to work. Totally agreed. Are you using JuiceProtector? If not then I'd be interested to know what you are using and also if JuiceProtector would increase your battery life. I'm nothing to do with that app btw, I just have a lot of faith in it as it seems to be sorting my phone out nicely on this front.
  11. I realise you can flash using specific Win7 tools but I've had no luck whatsoever in using them. What I'm asking is has the XP method been tested in Win7 with XP compatibility mode.
  12. Has anyone tried flashing ROMs on Windows 7 using XP compatibility mode? Am I barking up the wrong tree or could it be feasible that rather than being forced to use an XP machine you could enable XPCM on all the executables involved in the process? I'm about to change the ROM from the Sector/Kuanchai one (sorry, not got the version number handy) to a WM6.5.3 one but I no longer have access to an XP machine. I'm probably going to get a new phone shortly anyway so would it be worth me trying this so others could benefit from my findings (assuming nobody else has tried it, which I doubt but I couldn't find any references).
  13. @Cruddasj: Your tutorial worked!! I managed to blag doing this on a work laptop and it went through lovely! I now have the Khuanchia rom and I'm in love with my phone again! @Mikevhl: Your method was easier but I just couldn't get it working. Top marks for a nice simple process though. ;) @Loudcox: Your skipscreen hint saved the day! Top marks! Just goes to show this forum has an awesome community! Thanks again!! :D
  14. Skipscreen you say? Mmmmm, sounds good! THanks!

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