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  1. Exactly. The desire's output is modified somehow, and not in a good way. Does anyone know ether other models have this issue, and if perhaps it would be possible to port theorie audio drivers to the desire?
  2. Your N95 has a 240 x 320 screen and a 332 MHz processor. Lower battery life is simply the price we pay for much higher phone specs. It's the same with my Omnia, a charge will last me two days tops.
  3. Thank you all so much for putting this together. ;) Fantastic news.
  4. Interesting. However, this has me wondering: how come the omnia 1 effectively had more useable ram than the omnia 2? Didn't it have to reserve memory for all these same things as well?
  5. The Omnia 2 familly of phones should be considered as only having 140 MB ram, at least for now. It really wouldn't be a good upgrade over your current phone. :)
  6. Nope, the weather widget was photoshopped in on Samsung's pictures of this interface, there never has been a weather widget on this today screen.
  7. Didn't work for me either, I think it's being rendered offscreen.
  8. The touchscreen is absolutely fantastic, best resistive screen I've ever used. In fact, I type more on the screen than I do on the keyboard. :)
  9. Just visit http://m.youtube.com/app on your phone to get the latest youtube player. ;)
  10. Sad but quite understandable. Thanks for taking the time to communicate your decision to us.
  11. Yes, the Samsung dialer has a call recording option. I haven't tried it though so I can't attest to the quality.
  12. Great, that means we can use Atorotation and orientationdetection now. ;)
  13. From what I understand, the Omnia 2 does not charge unless it's also receiving a data connection. Somebody circumvented this by soldering the data+ and data- on his charger together and it worked.
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