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  1. My CPU Spy was always full on 998 with just the tiniest bit of 256mhz. This was from a fresh instal with no syncing going on. I am gonna try a fresh install but is the a problem with this rom and cpu?
  2. Any ideas about this cpu being flogged all the time? Half charged battery depleted in about 15 minutes... Also when on the charge, it seemed to consume more power than it was taking in. But one major problem I have at the moment is with the Market. There is between 5 and 11 apps queued to download (it varies, goes up and down) and I can not delete them from market as it wont load. I have deleted the cache etc from market app, I have installed a different market .apk, they attempt to download even without a sim card inserted, this is giving me the shits! I do not want to reinstall everything including the rom again, but gonna have to. Is there anyone else having similar issues? hat about the constand thrashing of the CPu? Thanks
  3. Its already been posted here, some pages back..Sorry dont know what post or from who, but read through the thread (its only 11/12 pages)
  4. For me, to get the screen off (crt animation) to work just change the "Display Settings"then "Animation" to Medium rather than Full. the screen off animation will then work.
  5. After quite a few reboots and not being on the charger it is now going in to Deep Sleep (wasnt before) and is running cooler. This is just such a great rom now, has been a long time in the making. I feel comfortable in giving this to my girl now feeling that she wont complain. It has been so hard finding a rom that works well enough. Just need camera zoom to work. Also, have not tried yet but I went Baseband 67 because 71 does not wok well here in Australia for me, sounds like your under water to the person your talking with. Hope this will be cleraer. Cheers Trip
  6. This is really lovely work, I just love the look of GingerBread MiUI, it is one my Desire HD and now the X10 which I am setting up for my partner. Just have to ask though, why does the cpu get constant thrashing at he highest speed all the time, pretty much always above 900mhz? I noticed this on another GB rom lately too. Phone gets real hot and Im sure battery not going to last long. Should mention I am using the modified BB67 plus SE GB kernel. Bloody fast data speeds I am getting, I like! Screen looks so beautiful and smooth, no crashes yet... Thanks
  7. Hi all, My partner has my X10 now which I have put 1.2.1 on it, its nice and all but the call quality is shocking. She says she can hear me fine but I can not hear her well at all. It sounds like she is under water talking in to a bucket. Does any one else experience this? I have read of one other hear that said the call quality was bad. I am thinking that maybe the BB71 is not good for Australia, I may change this, perhaps to 54 (which was stock for X10 in Aus) will these new MiUi roms work on BB54? Thanks
  8. Trip, nothing against you, i like your roms but this is my experience and my reading between the lines. report my post, i have done nothing wrong. i believe your phone maybe dead, you did say you smashed its screen before, again why support a device you don't care for any longer when you are getting something better? Makes sense. as I said, facts just fit what I have experienced before.. Cheers, no hard feelings
  9. guys, I might be wrong but this is what happens when devs announce they are interested in another device. their current device (trips x10 in this case) either stops working, breaks, gets stolen etc. its an easy way out for them and trip has hinted for a little while now he is moving on. iv seen this exact thing happen with the x1, why support an older phone they are no longer going to use. think about it...or donations begin to be offered, quick profit before leaving?...
  10. Could they not link to an app store where you can pay then download these games? Just because they appear here dont mean they are free in the rom...
  11. This is probably the best response I have heard from you Trip and I agree. Some people expect too much or are just a bit too excited, its meant to be fun, it is serious stuff too but mostly fun. I am more a fan of the MiUi and want to try the gingerbread version but I am so happy with 1.6.1 2.2.1, is there a more final update planed for Gingerbread MiUi? Cheers
  12. twerg

    Anybody want THIS??? The NEW SONY TAB

    Nice. but what does this have to do with X10 and Sony Ericsson? There is an Android News section and a thread for Other Devices on this forum...
  13. Sorry to say but the posts had nothing to do with Trip, until the post from zdzihu, then it became about him for a bit. Seems people just cant give it a rest... It started out as a reasonable post based on a blog, albeit in the wrong section.. Please people, stop degrading the quality of these two forums
  14. Yeah, I have been doing a fresh install of SE2.1 before flashing any custom Rom these days too and use BB49 as it was what Trip originally recommended (plus advantages of custom Kernal) and sometimes see that deep sleep not work. Not sure if this is always the case after a charge though, I reboot to be on the safe side.. Cheers

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