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  1. agccheung

    MMW 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!

    I would like a MiKey please! Great podcast, thanks :-)
  2. Please, please, could we have the Chinese Core 3.0 version? we missed out on 2.9 :'-(
  3. Please don't forget about the 2.9 chinese core! Thanks!
  4. agccheung

    PinYin Input

    You tried the Google pinyin IME from the market?
  5. Hi Paul, Many thanks for all your efforts on these Custom Roms (and the speed in which they are getting published), much appreciated! I have had MCR 2.3, 2.51, 2.6 (standard cores, wavesecure is brilliant! especially as it's not available on the iphone :) ) on my Hero. yesterday i tried installing the Chinese Core 2.6 version. Went to "Locale & text" -> "Touch Input Chinese", i get a Force close (com.htc.and4roid.cime). Can you advise? Do i need to do a wipe? When i start to compose a text message and press the cog/settings key, no option for chinese anywhere. Am i missing the point of this core chinese rom, should i be able to write chinese characters in a text? Many Thanks Andrew

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