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  1. Invite it appears has been claimed, people Although no indication from who. I would have expected some notification especially in the spirit of this community. But often we can still be surprised. Lesson learnt :wacko: :blink: :huh:
  2. Spreading the love First to claim One - 64 GB Sandstone Black
  3. Hope you don't mind me jumping on this band wagon I too have an invite to share. https://account.oneplus.net/invite/claim/KGL2-N5SQ-JI1I-ZIO6 Hope this be off use to someone out there. (Please if this violates Forum rules please remove)
  4. That's the beauty of choice. Everyone can choose what suits them best. No iPhone to date has interested me enough to jump ship but I reserve judgement until we see what Apple bring to the table this time.with the iPhone 6. Each year I wait watch and I'm disappointed when the latest phone is introduced. One of your reasons for choosing the iPhone 5s was the screen size, which has been the main reason for me avoiding iPhones in the past, that is the screen is just to small for my needs. With me needing to wear glasses to read I struggle with the small display area of the likes of the iPhone and with large hands the device always feels like something designed for kids hands more than mine. In all that it does I find the greatest strength in iOS has not always been just the devices but the apps that developers will work harder to deliver pleasant designs than they will do with Android. Premium feeling devices like the iPhone 5s are matched (IMO) by phones like the M8, but the screen is not quite yet up to par. The camera often touted as the best, yet never seems to fare as well in blind tests where the devices taking the pictures are not revealed. Operating the device I have always found NOT to be as intuitive as many have claimed it to be, from the introduction of the first device, especially if you had not used a previous iPhone (these have been my findings watching a newbie struggle with their very first smartphone of any kind, an iPhone 4s). I have never ruled out iPhone ownership, but to date these have not been for me. (Please note there have been between 2-4 iPhone users in my household from the first phone so I have experienced them all first hand)
  5. I'm sure the cost to 3rd providers of offering 4G is no greater than that of offering 3G especially as these providers Giff-Gaff and the like, are devoid of the setup costs of the big 3 (O2, Vodaphone and EE). I think at times these companies play the "It's new technology so therefore we can charge more regardless of costs to ourselves", game. Similar to 3G on initial release ridiculous costs at the start. Currently I am searching for alternatives to Giff-Gaff as their deals are no longer an attractive alternative
  6. I feel my only concern (not a major one) is the camera on this phone. Not a deal breaker but an opportunity for HTC to really set this sector alight
  7. I would agree with most here, but not deal breakers especially if the price is right. As reference devices you would not fine me complaining in the slightest.
  8. Just received my OTA 4.4.2 Yet again Tegra have delivered on a promise. Available on an OTA near you
  9. Now available from PC World, picked mine up yesterday and a very competent and sturdy smart conver. Just what the Tegra Note 7 needed
  10. Tried to order from Newegg They do not ship internationally. :(
  11. I too am finding this out. Very much a mystery
  12. Ordered 32Gb on 1st Confirmation email 2nd Successful delivery 5th Battery life not truly representative as I have been playing non stop. Last night 10:50:00 Charging as we speak, let's see how long this charge lasts. Has anyone tried "Battery Guru" on the N5 I used it on the N4 and I'm not even sure if I had any real benefits while using it there One of the bonuses for me, having come from the Nexus 4, is LTE that along with the S800 processor. So far loving this device, but then again as you can see from my signature, I'm a bit of a Nexus Groupie ^_^
  13. I had a very disappointing wait on Monday. I received my "Your device has been shipped" email on Saturday 2nd. So Monday morning tracking on line, I see loaded on to van for delivery at 08:29 Needless to say countless calls, tracking on line and staying in ALL day did not yield my phone. Frustrated is a polite way of saying it :angry2: :angry: Tuesday morning and a few calls to my local Parcel Force assured me delivery would be before 12:00 and at 09:45 it was, but the previous days events had tarnished somewhat my expected joy. But she's here now and I'm enjoying the experience, not had a chance to really play etc. I couldn't wait to use so I haven't unlocked the Bootloader or rooted yet, so I will need to back up etc. and "Start all over again" :huh: :o ;)
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