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  1. Hello there, I've been enjoying my HTC Hero for almost a year, and certainly using every single Modaco feature available... but time has come... need to do an upgrade! Main reason: my Hero does not support 3G down here in Chile!! You can imagine how frustrating this has been... Well, given that I would love to get a 2.2 new phone... which model would you guys suggest? Should I go for the Nexus One, just??? How about Swype....? Or should I get a phone with Swype support from the beginning?? Which HTC phone is the best out there??? Is it worth waiting for a new Android release?? You input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!! Regards from Santiago, MO
  2. mvorchard

    OT: usb plug

    It did. Thanks so so so so so much!!!!!!!! Was traveling to Buenos Aires tomorrow, and didn't want to take another phone with me. Cheers, MO
  3. mvorchard

    OT: usb plug

    Hello there, Sorry for the off-topic, but you've been vey helpful in the past, and I don't have more else to go I guess :) I left my HTC Hero charger up in the mountains, and I need to get my phone charged....... does anyone know how to make a standard mini-usb plug work with our phones??????????? There are no HTC stores down here, so it does not seem easy to get a new cable...... Any suggestions on another way to charge it would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks much!!!! Regards from Chile, MO
  4. Thanks, man!! And thanks Paul, for this wonderful work!! Cheers from Chile, MO
  5. Yes, please................. we all wanna know..........!! Thanks!! Cheers, MO
  6. Great work, Paul. Great work!!!! Greetings and many thanks from Chile! I have my 3.1 working ok with enhanced.zip, swap, a2sd, etc enabled and was wondering what would be the nicest/cleanest install for this 3.1 version... what bothers me is all the talk about the need (or not) for swapper, and task manager, etc... Should I remove my 8Gb Class 6 SD card ( B-) ), wipe it (partition and all), and try a wipe and install from scratch? Thanks again. Cheers! MO
  7. Please, guys, please..... Funniest thing was having my father's phone and mine ringing at the same time from an incoming call made from my mom's phone....... she got bored of ringing mine, hung up, and then rang my father's :-D It is actually very annoying, and made the phone's value get REALLY low when it comes to plain phone B-) One comment: I've managed to get it better deactivating the mobile network. But I don't think this is the idea, isn't it?? Cheers, MO
  8. Thanks! I have, and it does not make much of a difference..... what I'm trying now, and it actually seems to be working, is a lighter background picture. It seems to be the problem so far... What I would love to check is whether I'm using all the basic functions of the MODACO correctly. I would appreciate you input there... Cheers, MO
  9. Hello there, First of all, Merry Christmas! I'm very sad... my phone is slower than a turtle... well, I've been using it for several weeks already, and kind of thought it was slow, that the screen wasn't as responsive, but always thought it was the cost of having such a nice touch screen device... But............... last night I used one of those HTC Magic devices, and it was so fast, I'm moving from being sad to being pissed..... you can move from screen to screen in a blink, and launching apps it's a matter of barely touching the screen whereas in my Hero running any app gives you time for a good nap. What could it be? Could it be that there is something wrong with the screen?? What else can I check?? The information about my Hero is as follows: Would love to know how to post the information related to the swap partition and any other thing you might think can help in suggesting things to test on my phone. I've tried taskkiller app, and know I'm not using it, it seems to move a little (very little) faster now... but nevertheless, it is REALLY SLOW.... What do you guys think?? Many thanks and regards, MO
  10. Hello there, Don't want to steal your thread, but I kind of am on the same place as you... weel, located in Santiago, Chile though ;-) First of all, how do I take a screenshot with my Hero?? I've done everything that is recommended here on this forum. Lastest ROM, Kernel, and Radio, fast sd partitioned card, swap partition, etc... and my phone seems slow... the touching of the screen seem really slow... What should I check?? Size of the partitions?? What....? I'm a little lost..... I'd appreciate your input too! Cheers, MO
  11. mvorchard

    3G support

    Everything is working smoothly now... even the Activesync is good enough over Edge... so I cannot complain much... once the Hero comes here, and it should get with 3.5G support, I'll upgrade it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying it :-p Cheers, MO
  12. Market Enabler worked just fine!! Many thanks!!!! And I kind of knew what you were talking about, and have almost no fear in doing things to my phone - have actually even installed Linux to previous handhelds of my own :-p - but well, just learning about Android.... Are you supposed to stay "faking", or should get back to my own provider now that GMaps is installed?? Cheers! MO
  13. Many thanks, guys, for your replies. I'm deciding between Market Enabler and this code thing... it seems that the code is "simpler"... How am I supposed to run the getprop command?? Is there any other way to get my operator number???? Or should I just go the Market Enabler route?? I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks again and many regards!! MO
  14. Hello there, After installing the last 2.8 core there is no Google Maps on my Hero... I cannot seem to find it on the net, and I'm sure it is not available to me on the Market... What should I do, please???? Thanks and regards, MO
  15. Sorry for the double (or triple) posting... but it seemed different people were reading at different threads... Thanks again! Cheers, MO
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