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  1. guys, does the "Storage disappearing act" related to hardware or ROM? coz i'm thinking of going back to official ROM even if it's not that fast as cooked ones.. thanks
  2. hi guys, still no updates for phils? tnx in advance..
  3. i had this problem a month ago.. 16gb version also. and i lost photos & videos, everything! mine was corrupted after updating media player's list, and i hadn't got it back after researching and trying everything that's posted in this website. so i brought my O2 to service center, they just changed the (i dont really remember what it's called), its like a sub-board, it's the upper rear part that includes the sim & microSD card portion,.. BTW, if your O2 is still under warranty, just send it to the service center. PS, i would advice to set the camera's storage to your microsd, hope this helps..
  4. im also having this problem with my 16gb my storage.. frustrated?? yeah me too!! someone told me on the forum i posted few days ago, also the same problem with ours, after the third time his O2 was recalled from the service center, he got his money back.. this guy's from sweden.. and somehow samsung there are sticking with 2gb storage.. even here in UAE, and back in the philippines where i got my O2, it was quite hard to find 16gb, most O2 are 8gb.. i hope theyd tell their customers about this issue or somehow even tell buyers that 16gb's are having problems like this.. phew!! BTW, any other whos getting their money back after the third recall?
  5. this 3x thing and you get your money back, is it only applicable there in sweden? hmmmm... should have bough omniaHD.. :rolleyes:(
  6. were in the same boat.. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...oblem-pls-help/
  7. on my Omnia2,after my storage was gone, i used o2util.exe to convert .mst to .nb0 so i can flash ROM on my omnia.. but i didnt had problems with sms though.. sorry, im kinda confused also.. my only option is to send my phone to service center.. o2util: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...lity-for-i8000/
  8. on omnia i8000 or i900? my i900 had no probs with its 16gb storage, been flashing it for ages. its just my i8000, only used for two weeks then during update of media player list, my storage was gone, it only detected the memory cards media but not the 16gb storage anymore, after that, i was not able to see the storage again,. lucky u.. hehehe
  9. im not really sure but is it the mobile phone itself thats defective? not the 16gb chip? coz if ill send this to samsung, and theyll just replace the my storage, maybe the same problem will happen again. just like others out there.. BTW, do you think that this problem is ROM related?
  10. my 16gb my storage also has the same problem as yours. yours also is 16gb or 8gb? someone told me that this happens only on 16gb .. id just like to clarify coz if i send my phone to samsung service center and still have this problem later, that would be really frustrating..
  11. here.. read this link, itll guide you how to flash without my storage http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...lity-for-i8000/
  12. thanks 4 the reply.. can anyone confirm this pls? coz i hve a choice f ill take the 8gb or 16gb chip, also,whether if the cause would be the mainboard or only the storage chip? i have omnia 1 16gb also,nver had problems with that phone.. thanks in advance
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