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  1. Dont´t worry about your 3G account... your original ROM was pre-configured with your network 3G settings, which is not the case of this new ROM... it's not from BELL, so it´s obvious that you don't have your 3G data working. you have to add manually your network settings. call BELL and ask them their settings for 3G data... than use the steps in the Post #38 to add them. hope it´s work for you. best,
  2. Nice! Thanks for the link jeffrey. No doubt that they are watching us closely, and developing new stuff based on "our feedback". Congratulations Omar, your brazilian fellows are very proud! ;)
  3. works great on my Omnia 2 running 6.5.3 JE3. Actually, now I got calibrate the compass (for the first time) :( I was using the 2.0 version, and never could calibrate it...
  4. Thanks Du5aN, I use the cab you provide and had no problem... I test all programs and everything is working. thanks!
  5. by the way, the original country that is pre-configured in this rom on regional settings, it's a very weird country... never heard...
  6. you have to change your regional settings... the regional settings "determine" to windows what country you are, them when you try to install a program that is multilanguage (like garmin), the program look at regional settings of your windows what country your are, them will install the program in the language of that country (if it's available). In my case, when I install garmim it install in "portuguese brazil", but my windows is in english. go to: - settings - system - regional settings - choose your country - ok - soft reset - enjoy!!
  7. did you follow the instructions to install the modem? on windows 7 you must do exactly as the steps in the first post, or it will not work. give more details about how you install the modem.
  8. not much... it's more "finger friendly", you can choose the order of the icons in windows start menu, and... that's it... well, in some cases you will have more free ram available too. for me the 6.5.3 is more fast and "bug less"... but some people said that 6.5.3 is junk... anyway, install and make your own conclusions...
  9. I don't know either... but probably this firmware is available in the samsung firmware downloader (see the first post how to download and use). to search easily, in product model choose XSO (from singapure). best,
  10. what windows do you use? if you are running windows 7 or Vista you must follow exactly as the tutorial said for installing samsung modem... other thing, when you plug your phone, did you turn it off before? it´s not gonna work if your phone is turn on.
  11. first, jebise was right, last week I flash my OmniaII's friend (that is locked by some telecom operator) with this new firmware. No problem at all! about this 3G question, I never heard about it... I live in Brazil (south america) and never had a problem with the 3G speed or something related. I already flash my phone many times with many samsung's firmwares and some HTC's firmwares (that modaco's experts crack to omnia II). I know that 3G frequency is different in some countries, but it's more related about the frequency your phone can work then the firmware you use (I have a friend here in brazil that have a HD2 and use the operator "claro", he cannot use 3G because the frequency of the phone is not compatible with his telecom frequency... his data speed is very low...). Ask your firend more details about this and post here :P
  12. yeap! with octans you can flash any rom in your Omnia II, no matter the previously rom...
  13. you have to manually add your data account of your telecom operator (you have to contact them to ask about the configurations) how to add (in bold the settings you must ask your telecom operator): 1. go to "settings", "network settings", "view more", "conections", "advanced", "select networks" and "new" 2. enter a name for this new profile and touch "ok"(any name, it really doesn't matter) 3. select this new profile and touch "edit" them "new" (for create a new connection) 4. enter a name for this new connection (any name, it really doesn't matter) 5. select a modem - (in my case it's "celular line (GPRS)") 6. touch "next" 7. type your access point name/adress and touch "next" (in my case it's "zap.vivo.com.br") 8. type the user name and password 9. ask your telecom operator if they have any special configuration to do (in my case it's just that... nothing else) 10. touch "finish" hope this can help you. best,
  14. install the cab's it´s piece of cake! however, edit the dll's it's not that easy... but I also think that it´s not a big deal if you have some experience with windows mobile. think this way: the worst thing that could happen, it´s that you need to hard reset your phone! :P I will try it this week and post the results here.
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