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  1. I have just got the Galaxy S and am pretty impressed with it, however i have noticed that there are a lot of apps on there that i have zero need for, these are ones that are pre-installed, for example there is a demo version of Sims and a mini diary, both of them are taking up memory that i would like to use more effectively Is there anyway that i can remove them? Thanks
  2. please bear with me as it has been a while since i used a windows phone i am struggling to find the windows folder on my PC within explorer, see the screen shot on the TG01 there is a file called windows, but accessing the phone via my PC using Vista i can't see this, i can see it as a hidden folder. Can anyone help with this As a side question what file format are the ringtones? Thanks
  3. I was talking to an Orange employee who iknow personally,they were telling me that they have had a lot of issues with the TG01, especially the early batch Biggest issue has included the poor battery life and freezing Its a shame it was brought to market so quickly, it would aqppear that more time was required doing R&D Who knows, maybe it has been dropped
  4. i have just installed the 6.5 update, my feelings so far.... Speed, yes it does appear to be quicker, right from the moment the power switch is pushed It still has a lot of Orange Branding about it. The default home screen is the orange screen, not really sure if i like it a lot :) Haven't tried the volume yet, i never had an issue with it in the past thought. The fonts seem to be sharper, simple changes in the layout of the SMS/MMS and Email menus makes it look a lot nicer Start menu, This looks to be the biggest change for me, more graphical and brighter, however: 1) There is a 'Today' icon on the screen, this confused me as i thought it was the icon to personalise the screen, instead it takes you back to what i refer to as the main screen/desktop. The Today option for personalising the main menu is still within 'Settings' and still called 'Today' Eh!!!! 2) Unable to customise the layout of the icons within the start menu, i use google maps a lot, as default any new icon is positioned at the bottom of the list, you can move it, but only to the top of the list, i have other things i use more frequently and want them positioned ahed of the Google maps icon (sounds like a small gripe but still something that bothers me) 3) Unable to go back one step within the start menu, for instance, if i go Start>>settings>>Power and make a change once i accept that change i go all the way back to the desktop, on 6.1, and previous versions you went back one step usually 4) When the screen rotates from portate to landscape the start menu doesn't cover the entire of the screen, it leave two 'borders' it looks as thought when the menu was created there was no provision for landscape, again just a small niggle but it appears that someone has not fully completed the job. What's going on with the battery display!!!! On 6.1 it was there all the time, granted it showed 100% all the time no matter what state the battery was in but on 6.5 it appear to 'toggle' between the time and the battery status, for example Display on Portrate, battery displayed, select it to go to the menu, check the battery level, select OK and you return to the desktop, in place of the battery you now have the time. Now rotate the screen to landscape, time disappears and battery level reappears I have my desktop set with catagories, such as, Date, Messaging, Caledar, owner info. i Would have like to have seen this more customisable, things like being able to add MSN weather A lot of what i have said sounds really negative, and i really want to like both the phone and the 6.5 update, but i really feel that microsoft have missed the boat again with this update. If some of the things i have been negative about can be resolved please let me know.
  5. I have had my TGo1 for about 3 weeks now and this is the first time i have posted on it as i really wanted to see how i settled into using it, recently i have been using BB's but have used various Winmo's in the past: Likes: Form - think it looks great, nice and slim, a simple design that doesn't appear to be to 'look at me' Speed - it is quick to react to touches and changes in orientation as well Screen - nice and clear, even in direct sunlight Dislikes: Battery life - Blackberrys are not the best for battery, but the Toshiba is really bad, this is compounded with another issue, the battery gauge stays at 100% all day and then the phone just dies when the battery runs out, the only way to get the phone to record accurate battery life is to power off and on at regular intervals, this strikes me as being faulty Bluetooth - i have a Parrot kit in my car that is built into a Kenwood stereo, the unit is pared and i can see the phone book, but trying to get it to make a call is impossible, i have to action the call from the handset, only then will it work, this defeats the point of having a handsfree setup in the car SD card slot - why oh why do they insist on putting this in a place that requires the battery to be removed Volume - even on the loudest settings i still cant here the ringtone in the car My biggest disappointment was finding that it was not loaded with Winmo6.5, please tell me that we will be able to 'upgrade' the OS when it becomes available.
  6. last month Orange broke the data protection act on my account, the issue was raised with the supervisor and nothing done, so i wrote an email to the exec office, nothing...no reply...they ignored it, so i sent them another and at the same time sent a letter recorded delivery. that was a few weeks ago, still nothing..... DPA is a legal issue, Orange have broken it and i am now somewhat narked, looking at the OFCOM site it seems that they dont want to get involved, are there any suggestions as to what i can do next?
  7. Just tried to d/load it and the orange site is not responding Typical orange........... :rolleyes:
  8. How much would you be looking to sell it for?
  9. My wife is after one, she keeps nicking mine and i have to then spend hours trying to get it back off her ;) Ebay is one option, but i have heard some horror stories, so i thought i would ask here first and see if someone has one they would like to sell. PM me if you do Regards Wildfire
  10. I have been trying to do this for some time and am failing badly, I have a couple of problems that don't help. I have vista.....I hate it with a passion I don't have an internet connection, I am trying to d/l the drivers to my phone to then copy onto mt lappy, they change file type to .ini files and are useless. the disk I got with the phone has drivers, but for some reason will not install to vista according to orange C/S any ideas on how I can achieve this and get the phone and laptop working together?
  11. Have you set up the COM port? i know it sounds stupid but i am just covering the basics. Once the GPS unit is paired you get the option to select serial port, tick that box and then select Save Go back into COM port, select new outgoing port, this will then show the GPS unit, highlight it and then select port 4, this should get everything working correctly. HTH
  12. looks like there are two dummies then....i am struggling to get mine to work. the disk that comes with the phone has the driver on it, when you try and intall it asks for a username and password, i know i have to change the APN, but still it fails....... anyone help with this.............
  13. My wife has an MDA, for no reason the screen has stopped responding to taps or input. we can use the hard keys on the phone, but they will not allow full navigation i have tried a soft reset, nothing, any other ideas? or is it broken?
  14. I managed to get a trial copy of Igo to try on my M3100. I have used Tom Tom for many years now both in standalone and on the M5000, i am very used to the UI and its functionality, it has its shortcomings, but on the whole its not a bad piece of software. The Igo is very different to Tom Tom, the UI has many levels, it it less of a pictorial menu structure. The map display has a lot more detail, it has a lot of handy features such as auto night setting (based on sundown time), over speed warning. the Igo doesnt look to have a postcde search facility, i found this a bit of a drawback, some of the destination search was a bit out of sync when compared to Tom Toms intuitive way. The map itself is smaller with the Igo, the info bar does take up a lot of space, but then whilst on the move you shouldnt really need to be looking at the map. Verbal instruction is a lot better with the Igo, a lot more in time and through, i found it a lot harder to misunderstand what it was telling me, some of Tom Toms insructions car a bit vague at time. The map is a LOT more up to date than Tom Tom, i find that most irratble thing about Tom Tom, they are soooo behind with up to date mapping. Overall i would choose the Igo over the Tom tom, especially if you travel in Europe a lot, it does take a bit of getting used to but it has more fo a fluid motion to it.
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