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  1. The orange web site talks about it. They are trialing it at the moment in London and Bristol, plus who knows where else. Anyway, they activated it for me.
  2. Orange have just activated HSDPA on my M3100. How does the phone indicate when you are using HSDPA? I mean is does the 'G' or '3G' tern into a 'H' or what?
  3. Same here, it was much better on the M5000.
  4. will this work on my new M3100?
  5. Can anyone confiorm whether this has Wi Fi?
  6. Guys Anyone point me in the right direction to unlock a brand new M5000 from Orange.
  7. Got mine today M5000. Seriously don't bother unless you very patient and don't mind haning very poor reception. I acually love the phone and can put up with the VERY poor sinal reception but unfortuantly it does not support line 2 on orange which I can not do without. I am afriad I will have to sell on ebay as an unwanted upgrade. Oh well £400 ish aint bad for nothing. Back to my good old faithfull C500 for another year. :)
  8. Sorry I don't mean to be rude but, what a waste of time. I hardly think that anyone is really that interested. Again, sorry it this offends.
  9. I have just installed this and am very impressed. Some questions: How do I put origional calender back on phone if I wished to? How do I change the alarm tone to something else?
  10. Can anyone give me a pointer on how to change the font colour from white on my C500. I can't read a thing when I use certain photos as my background?
  11. Brian is correct the link he provides is where I got minr from. Happily using with my C500 no problems. Jon
  12. Can anyone send me this, can't find it to download anywhere on the net. SPVC500 Thanks
  13. how do you play back a movie taken on a c500 and uploaded to PC. It won't play back in windows media player?
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