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  1. Daskalos, this is the best ROM I've seen. Congratulations for your hard work. My main problem is the sound: I con't open Audio Gain (I've tried to put in SC and MS, but I can't open it, so I can't change volume); I only cna put .mp3 ringtone, but the .wma sounds don't work; I use SPB Time for alarms, but no sound when the alarm wakes up. Pelase try to solve this problem and your ROM will be perfect. Btw, do you know how to enable threaded SMS?
  2. Great, great ROM. Thank you. The only yhing I have is that I can't make new SMS. I click in the button new, but nothing happens? Can you help me?
  3. Hi to all, Do you think it's possible to use a I8000 ROM in the B7610? Or does somesone can make that change (I can't <_< ). I've IL2 ROM, but I think is too buggy. I see a lot of movement in the I8000 forum, but for the B7610 .... nothing, pure silence. I can't make an official upgrade in my ROM from SAMSUNG (Hell with them!!!!!).
  4. My memory had a problem. I had to format it and replace it by other. Till now, no more problems. I think it's not PDA issue but memory issue.
  5. Unfortunately I don't find anywhere the folder. But, besides this folder, I found that some photos taken have wiped out and another folder has disappeared. It's not the first time I've noticed this. About a month ago I've seen that some photos had disappeared, but I thought it was my mistake.
  6. Does anyone had problems from time to time a folder "desappears" in the memory card? I had 1 folder where I had all the Cabs needed to install after a Rom flash but, don't know, it has disappeared.... vanished. I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me?
  7. I've just received a message from Brodit, informing me that the car holder for B7610 will be available till the end of January. So please hold. Merry Christmas to you all.
  8. Upgrade done in Vista without problems. Thank you Secany.
  9. I've received today a message from samsung. The link is: http://software.mbzrsolutions.nl/omniaupgrade.html If you go there, you'll see that the upgrade to Omnia II is ready and for the B7610 it will available in mid November.
  10. To disable Touchwiz interface, go to the programs menu->Settings->General Settings->IU Samsung Touchwiz and disable it. After, to go to sounds and notifications go as WM usual: Start->Settings->Personal->Sounds and Notifications. Hope it helps.
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