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  1. Time to let the airplane fall :p les manoeuvres interdites en tunisie :p

  2. Chwaya glace baaed chakan el fatr emmm la classe :p

  3. Flying flying flying !!!

  4. On garde toujours l'espoir !!!!

  5. L'oiseau s'évade de sa cage !!! :p

  6. Nothing is better than flighing and airplane by yourself !!!

  7. sim sim sim :/ hate really that :P (but anyway i ve done it perfectly :P )

  8. Fil usa matnajamech tsoum :/ malazmekch to5rej el barra sinon sa7a chribtek d'avance :)

  9. Ya rabi hamdoulah el we7ed enfin cha9 fatrou :) ya rabi dawemha ne3ma

  10. Za3ma chnoua ne5tar ??? Tho3t :p

  11. Wkayet 9athyet romdhan :p dollars ... :p

  12. I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it

  13. After studies time for a pizza :)

  14. Science, freedom, beauty, adventure aviation offers it all. Charles Lindbergh

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