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  1. Hey vermillionman The default GPS software locations, based on Route66, that comes with Desire HD is pretty good. Is there something you are looking for in particular?
  2. Very nice ROM, C0mpu13rFr34k.. Going to download and test it out... back soon with feedback. :D
  3. Any advantages with speed, battery life, etc??
  4. Boy you are tough on Paul... :) That doesn't mean that I am not waiting for Gr27... :(
  5. Hey Lee With Desire HD, I am not sure about Email but contacts and calendar works perfectly with Outlook 2007 using HTC Sync. With the email I believe it is possible through the exchange server.
  6. Hey guys. The Desire HD has come and boy has it come. With the exception of the battery life, which can be extended by using some common-sense, it is a beautiful phone. Though I do miss playing with my omnia. From what I have seen it seems that the Desire HD is smoother than the galaxy S and the larger screen is amazing. :P So go for it ssi42.. :huh:
  7. Hi Everyone I really want to say thank you to everyone for their great support and the incredible work of the master chefs such as Nicklashidegard, OCK, Yonni, Sector, Khuanchai, shokka and the list goes on. You have all made our Omnias into wonderful machines, I don't even want to let my little fellow go. Truly your great work has brought life back to our Omnias. By Monday, my omnia would have turned into a HTC Desire HD. So looking forward to playing with the new phone. :D Thank you once again to everyone esp the chefs that made our omnias more fun! Cheers :D
  8. Hi Istron Mureta's answer are always spot on.. With the lock screen, if you are using OCK's premium roms, I assume you are using the S2U2 program. It should allow you to answer the phone by pressing the hardware keys. If not, check to see the "S2A Hard Answer Key" & "S2A Hard End Key" is turned on. The options are found under (S2U2 Settings > Phone).
  9. No problems, leap.. Try this site as well: http://s2u2.ppc-theme.com/
  10. Hey leap, Are you looking for a particular skin? Here are a few I have found: tPRO_for_S2U2_qvga_2.21.zip flying_tree.rar darkness_to_light.rar
  11. That's great. So you are able to type a "space", how did you get around the "space" button issue?
  12. Hi Leap Any luck with a copy of Jinbox? I tried Rugal's version, it is almost there but the space button doesn't work when you type. From what Yonni said, Jinbox Rugal's version on this thread is Jinbox, which has the spacing problem. I have also tried the original jinbox.cab is working well but the main menu is in French which is a problem for us who don't know French. :-(
  13. Hi guys I am surprise this little program haven't made it onto the list yet :D : SIPCHANGE - great for changing keyboards SIPChange.CAB
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