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  1. Well, and what happens if you install the OTA over the modaco, is there a risk to loose root or to relock the bootloader?
  2. I am on r19 and the market is really really slow....is there a fix for that
  3. O sorry I forgot the 3rd zip pack for the icons....now everything is ok
  4. Hello, I tried this on modaco r19 and the sms and gmail icons are unchanged.... :-(
  5. Helo, I have an issue on my N1 and with modaco rom, when I restore everything, the widgets are in error on my homes....I have to delete and re add them.....can you fix that or I am doing something wrong?
  6. Hello, just a question, I installed this rom and all my applications where automatically install, it s nice, but I wonder if it is a froyo feature or a modaco feature...
  7. well just when I rooted my N1 cos I was tired of waiting for froyo.....It will show uo ;)
  8. Hello, did anyone try this method? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=708123
  9. flipper203


    I don t understand your will of switching as the N1 will get updates before the Desire....
  10. ok so the only way to unlock a phone is to get a code from the operator or another site, there is no other procedure? like SPL or something
  11. Does the installation of this rom unlocks the phone (operator lock)?
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