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  1. So its still 4.7" and not 5"?
  2. Shahz


    Nimbuzz is an awesome alternative too :)
  3. There really is some big problem here..Paul needs to look into it..I'm reverting to r2 for now :)
  4. Exactly! I'm having the same issues too. Here's what I've done already: - Reformatted SD card altogether and rebuilt partitions (0 swap/512MB ext3/remainder) - Wiped (factory/cache/dalvik) - Flashed update.zip - Reboot Still no luck! Just like the quoted message, whenever I plug in the phone to USB power cable, the phone reboots, goes to the preloaders, home screen launches and within seconds reboots again and the process is repeated over and over Getting massive amounts of force closes. Among the famous ones are phone, Wavesecure and Swype On top of that, when I "Switch Off" the phone, it doesn't power down. Instead, it reboots. This is driving me nuts..
  5. Dear Paul, Perhaps you may want to change the commands in the shell script into "adb -d <command>" just to be on the safe side. Because if the particular person is rooting and has an emulator running at the same time, it throws this error: Legend Root Step 2 Pushing required files to device... Password: * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * error: more than one device and emulator error: more than one device and emulator Pushing update file to device sdcard - this may take a few minutes... error: more than one device and emulator error: more than one device and emulator Now wipe and apply rootedupdate.zip from the recovery image menu. Mohammad-Mubashars-MacBook-2:r4-legend-root shahz$ error: more than one device and emulator
  6. Huaarrghh..Someone woke me up from sleep? How long has it been? A year?
  7. Yep, downloaded the full version without the kitchen and it works flawlessly..seriously fast, defines perfection!
  8. was using MCR 3.1 before this, baked a ROM from the kitchen, wiped my phone, and flashed the ROM. Was excited when i saw the "Android" instead of "HTC" during the boot.. However, after entering the PIN code, suddenly there were non-stop FC for setup wizard. I reflashed, it didn't work. Did the whole process again (wipe and flash), still the same. So I'm downloading the default build from the download link now. Hopefully it will work this time. Will update again. Something wrong with the kitchen? @[email protected]
  9. Thank you m_gl! That really works!!
  10. On wake up from sleep, there is a silent slider which switches the phone into silent mode. Is there any way we can change this into vibrate mode instead?
  11. and my launcher keeps force closing at every reboot..
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