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  1. It's not about data connection. It is the cell network. I can't make a phone call and going for automcatic search just came up error right away. Anyway i will stop my thread here and move on to the G2 section >.<
  2. Same here, after I punch SIM unlock code then the phone asking for reboot. Now it can't pick up any Cell Network. Those guys over at XDA suspect the baseband which cause the issue. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...5024&page=3
  3. Hi, just to share my expereience and want some idea to enlight me. I have T-Mobile G2 with a slightly loose hinge, from eBay. Then I punch a network unlock code BOOM the phone ask to reboot and once it reboot itself it can't connect to any network. It can detect SIM card fine, all SIM card can be detct. But none can be connect. How would this situation happen? even it's own T-Mobile SIM card is not working at all
  4. ADB on X10 is not yet available on Windows, but working fine on Mac and OS X. I try to check all method for rooting 1.6 and no go. I think SEMC USB flash is promising if we could get into the flash mode do whatever we want. Just like SonyEricsson A200 platform with A2Uploader.
  5. Thanks kkempe, Now I got QWERTZ back. :) (Though Thailand user QWERTY, but I've got German Milestone QWERTZ :-))
  6. Hi Michael, are you running on 850 UMTS? Did you lost your 3G signal?
  7. It is a HK SBF rom file, and it will alter hardware keyboard to QWERTY. So be warned. Also it will alter your GSM to QUADBAND and UMTS 900/1900/2100 * But it does work on mine German imported Milestone, now i'm figuring how to get the QWERZ layout back on it.
  8. Great job! now wait for SPRecovery and we will be free for 2.01mod
  9. what do you mean? i didn't get you have achieve? What is done after you select "auto update" ?
  10. Camera + Power, the same combi as G1 (still havn't try the X+power thing since my phone will arrive on christmas's eve)
  11. Already order mine, inreplacement of the DEXT (which is hopeless for root and who care about Cupcake when there are Eclair!) It will take almost a week since I'm in Thailand and order through Expansys Singapore.
  12. One thing after update to DEXT 1.14 is that Market no longer show free protected app, which kind a silly. I want root and Market Enabler!
  13. Same here on 1.14 the asroot2 got [Kill] before we can copy over. Havn't try on 1.04 or earlier firmware because i update OTA on my DEXT.
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